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    Rahm Kota

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    A hardboiled Jedi General of the Clone Wars that survived Order 66 and who Darth Vader sends his secret apprentice to kill.

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    Rahm Kota is a character in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, described as a "Samurai Jedi", who survived Order 66 because he prefered to work with non-clone soldiers. When the clones started their rebellion, Rahm was safe from them. Following the Clone Wars, he and his followers went into hiding, eventually spending months launching guerrilla attacks against Imperial targets, culminating in their capture of a TIE Fighter factory above the planet Nar Shaada.

    Starkiller is sent to confront Kota and his followers, and although Starkiller manages to defeat the Jedi, Kota survives their confrontation.

    Kota is left blinded and powerless after his duel with Starkiller
    Kota is left blinded and powerless after his duel with Starkiller

    Later on, Starkiller seeks out Kota's help in establishing an Alliance against the Empire and tracks him down to Cloud City. A now blind and forceless Kota reluctantly agrees to help him; assigning him the task of rescuing Princess Leia Organa from the Imperial Slave Outpost on Kashyyyk. By doing this, he hoped to convince his Senate contact, Bail Organa (Leia's father), to help them in their cause.

    When Starkiller returned to Raxus Prime to destroy a Star Destroyer construction station, an Imperial Star Destroyer attempted to intervene. Kota assured Starkiller that size didn't matter and instructed him to "pull it out of the sky!".

    By the end, he had become a second mentor to Starkiller, and one of the founding members of the Rebel Alliance.

    After some time all members of early Rebellion gathered on Corellia and were captured by Vader's troopers. When Galen Marek (prievousely Starkiller) came on Death Star to help them escape, a fight started between Vader and than Emperor himself. Marek defeated them both, but when they were about to get on the ship Emperor send lightnings on Kota. Galen caught lightnings in his hands while others went aboard the Rogue Shadow. Rahm Kota survived and nobody heard about him since that moment.

    Dark Ending

    If the player chooses the dark ending for starkiller, he or she will kill Darth Vader. Once that happens, Starkiller will attack the Emperor, however he will tell Juno Eclipse that they need to escape. The Emperor uses the force and brings the entire ship on Starkiller. Killing Bail Organa, Princess Leia, and others. Starkiller eventually becomes the Sith Master's pawn.


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