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    A cruel Asura in Hindu myth that ate the nectar of immortality and was subsequently beheaded by one of Vishnu's avatars. His head remained immortal, swallowing the sun and causing eclipses.

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    In Shin Megami Tensei

    Digital Devil Saga 

    Mick the Slug transforms into the avatar Rahu when cornered by Serph and company at the top of Coordinate 136 after Cielo rescues Sera. 
    During the battle, both his head and body are targetable and act independently.  His body can use Dragon Quake, a powerful earth attack that hits your entire party, and his head can use Dragon Thrash to capture one of your party members.  Party members captured in such a way will be drained of HP every time their turn comes up.  They can only be freed by destroying either the head or the body, otherwise your captive party member will only be released when they are drained of HP completely.  His head will still fight on if you destroy the body, and vice versa.

    Digital Devil Saga 2 

    Mick the Slug's "data" is encountered near the end of the game, and challenges you again as Rahu.  He fights exactly the same as he did in Digital Devil Saga, only he has more HP.

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