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RAID: World War II is a historical-fantasy co-operative first-person shooter developed by LionGameLion and published digitally by Starbreeze for the PC on September 26, 2017. It was later released by 505 Games (in both digital and retail form) for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 10, 2017.

The first game by studio LionGameLion (previously known for their downloadable content for Payday 2), RAID is a spin-off of the Payday series that brings the four-player co-operative heisting series to World War II. Players control one of four Allied operatives (known as "raiders") as they sabotage the Nazi regime while stealing gold and other valuables.

The game is best known for its use of live-action cutscenes (including veteran actor John Cleese as the crew's employer).


Challenge Cards

Characters & Classes

Unlike the Payday series, where players have a single character profile which can be customized to their liking, RAID has players creating separate character profiles for both their chosen player class and preferred character. Each profile is locked to a single class and character choice and has their own separate character level.

The characters included in the game are Sterling (a British Paratrooper), Rivet (an American seaman), Kurgan (a Russian marine), and Wolfgang (a German former SS officer).



Although they have the lowest vitality of all four classes (making them inefficient against large groups in direct combat), the Recon is the only class that can wield high-powered marksman rifles for long-ranged combat. They also have the highest speed and stamina, allowing them to maneuver the battlefield easier.

Their Warcry, "Sharpshooter", temporarily gives the player a passive aiming assist that automatically locks onto enemies in front of them. It also temporarily boosts the damage dealt by the crew's ranged weapons.


Although they are the least agile out of all classes, the Assault is best for direct combat as they have the highest vitality.

Their Warcry, "Berserk", temporarily reduces the amount of ammo the player consumes while firing. It also heals each crewmember for some of their health.


Their Warcry, "Untouchable", temporarily boosts the player's damage resistance. It also temporarily boosts the movement speed of all crewmembers.


Their Warcry, "Ignition", temporarily alters the player's grenades to cause multiple explosions. It also gives the player extra grenades and temporarily boosts the damage resistance of all crewmembers.


Players play through each mission with four weapons at their disposal: their primary weapon, their backup sidearm, their melee weapon, and hand grenades. They cannot change their loadouts mid-match or swap weapons with a dropped enemy weapon.

Each primary and secondary weapon has a series of upgrades, which requires players to perform specific objectives (such as killing enemies with headshots or collecting ammo. These upgrades are also split into multiple "tiers", which are unlocked once players reach certain levels.

Weapons are also locked to profile level.



  • M1 Garand (R-10, A-10, I-15, D-15) - Semi-automatic.
  • StG 44 (I-38, D-38, A-33, R-40) - Fully-automatic.

Bolt-Action Rifles

Used by the Recon class only.

Sub-Machine Guns

Used by the Insurgent, Assault, and Recon classes only.

Light Machine Guns

Used by the Assault and Demolitions classes only.

  • Bren (A-25, D-28) - Added on December 21, 2017.


Used by the Demolitions and Insurgent classes only.


  • Sawed Off Shotgun (D-8, R-11, A-11, I-11) - Compact one-handed double-barreled shotgun. Added on February 7, 2018.


  • Concrete Grenade (D-6, I-7, R-8, A-8) - Deals more damage than standard grenades, but has a smaller blast radius. Added on November 2, 2017.
  • 343D Grenade (D-19, I-20, R-21, A-21) - Added on December 7, 2017.
  • Mills Grenade (R-31, A-31, I-31, D-31) - Added on February 8, 2018.


  • Infantry - The most common enemy found in the game. These grunts have three ranks: Recruits (which only carry sidearms), Regulars (which carry MP-40 sub-machine guns), and Veterans (which carry StG 44 battle rifles). There are also four types of infantry, each increasing in difficulty: standard, Mountain Troopers, Paratroopers, and SS.
  • Sniper - Accurate marksmen who are found perched on vantage points and rooftops. While they are weak as normal grunts, their shots take a huge chunk of health. Their position can be given away from the glint of their scopes.
  • Spotter - Unarmed grunts who fling a highly-visible flare to guide artillery fire. When their flares are deployed, players can hear a siren and have a limited amount of time to extinguish the flare (by interacting with it) before the strike occurs. Artillery fire is heavily-damaging and has a very large area-of-effect.
  • Officer - Although they only carry sidearms, they are a threat in combat by inspiring other enemy infantry and calling in reinforcements.
  • Flame Trooper - Similar to Bulldozers in Payday 2, Flame Troopers are slow-moving heavily-armored specialists that can take a ridiculous amount of gunfire. They also carry powerful flamethrowers and have a unique weak spot (the fuel tanks strapped to their backs).
  • Tiger - Powerful tanks armed with both a tank gun and a hull-mounted machine gun. They are only found in rare scripted sequences and cannot be destroyed (unless the mission requires it).


Each mission in the game starts with the Easy and Normal difficulties unlocked. By clearing the mission in Normal, its Hard mission is unlocked. By clearing the mission in Hard, its Very Hard mission is unlocked.


Hosts start with three Raids unlocked, and automatically unlock more as they play through the game.

  • Odin's Fall
  • Hunters
  • Trainwreck
  • Tiger Trap
  • The Amber Train
  • Last Orders
  • Bunker Busters
  • Strongpoint
  • Gold Rush
  • Wiretap
  • Extraction
  • Countdown - Added on February 8, 2018.

Outlaw Raids

Unlike normal Raids, Outlaw Raids are limited-use bonus missions that provide a larger income of Gold. After they are acquired by Intel, they can be started only once (and cannot be restarted) before being automatically re-locked.

  • Rogues Gallery
  • Forest Convoy


Unlocked at level 5, hosts can choose to start or continue multi-Raid "operations". Each part of the operation is played sequentially, ties in to an overarching plot, and often uses levels from other Raids. Hosts can continue their operation at any time and can only have five operations saved at one time.

Some missions take place in an open-world Nazi-occupied Berlin around the raiders' secret camp.

Clear Skies

  • Communication Breakdown
  • Enigmatic
  • Burning Man
  • London Calling
  • Rolling Stock
  • Blinding Hemdall


  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Fuel for the Fire
  • Urgent Delivery
  • Firestarter


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