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Not a good example of the genre. 0

I normally have an eye out for anything Strategy RPG-related coming to consoles or the PC, but Rainbow Moon completely missed my radar until about a week or so before it arrived on Sony’s PSN as a downloadable-only title. I had no idea the game was developed by SideQuest Studios, the people that brought us the beautiful-looking and exciting-to-play Soldner-X series. My feelings were mixed towards Rainbow Moon before I played it. On one hand I had a spider-sense that the game would be rather nice...

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Engaging 0

I shall make this clear right now, this is not gonna be a Final Fantasy Tactics killer in any way but what you get is still a very good piece of entertainment.It was many years since I personally played a tactis based j-rpg that was this fun. Its huge, it looks neat, music that makes you keep the beet with your foot at times. Story wise its nothing to brag about but it does its thing and frankly I got so much fun just exploring this world so I don't bother at all with the story. I help out in al...

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Rainbow Moon: A small step for the strategy kind. 0

The Strategy Role-Playing Game is a genre much loved by the great thinking minds of the world. I believe it was Socrates who first said "How did that miss? I was totally striking you from behind!". This year thus far has seen an all time low of entries for the genre. Rainbow Moon enters the scene with the goal of capturing the essence of strategy games past.The Plot: Going over the Rainbow... Moon.The narrative is a simple one; your hero finds himself lost in a strange new world known as "Rainbo...

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