This game won't run on Steam anymore...

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It used to run, but now all it does is when you click the game, it runs an update, but after a few seconds it quits out. I've read on the steam forums and everything people threw out as a solution I tried to do and none worked. I'll post some of the threads and see if there's any possible way you can help since either, I'm not doing one of the steps correctly for some reason, or these simply don't work for me and I need another solution.  
Rainbow Six Vegas update loop : This person has the same problem as me, but I don't have windows 7, I have windows vista 32. 
Windows 7 and Rainbow Six: Vegas - getting it to install and run: This solution didn't help either. 
Here's all of the threads if you want to check them for youself.     
For anyone that can help, thank in advance.
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Bump? Please help me... :/
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Is this a non Steam game that was added to Steam?
Have you tried deleting the link in Steam and then adding it again in case a recent update has broken the original shortcut link in Steam?

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No, this is a steam game. Months ago I installed it and it worked, but it wasn't runnning that well, then I got an update on the computer that makes my games run better, so after the update I tried installing it again so I can play it with a better framerate and now it just doesn't work at all. I've taken it off and re-installed it more than once over time and no luck. Other people have had the same problem, some of the solutions work for some people, but for others they're stuck like me.
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Verify integrity of game cache then download a cracked exe for the same version number. Rename it to something else then drop it in the game folder inside your steamapps directory. Now run the game directly from the cracked exe .
If that works then add the cracked exe to your Steam shortcuts to get the overlay.

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Got the same thing, bought the game cheap on steam and it won't run.

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