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    Raizo Imawano

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    The principal of Justice High school and antagonist in Rival Schools: United By Fate.

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    Rival Schools: United By Fate

    Raizo is responsible for most of the misfortunes of the other characters in the game. Although he is initially portrayed as the main antagonist of the game, the "true" ending reveals that he was brainwashed by his nephew Hyo Imawano to recruit new teachers and students to take over the country. When free of Hyo's mind control, he atones for his previous actions and returns to his family with a desire to make the country better through education. In Batsu's ending, he is shown scolding him for his poor grades.

    Gag Ending

    In the gag reel style ending, Raizo appears as the director of the scenes involving the other characters messing up their parts. Near the end of the reel there a scene with him being beaten down by Batsu and Kyosuke only to be cheered on by Hinata, Tiffany, Akira and Natsu much to the chagrin of the entire male cast. The end shows him giving Batsu a shoulder massage in repentance.

    Project Justice

    Although not a playable character in the game, Raizo appears at various points throughout the story mode. He appears during the Taiyo High storyline after being attacked by Kurow to inform Batsu, Hinata and Kyosuke about his evil brother's spirit, Mugen Imawano who has possessed the body of his son, Hyo, and instructs them to defeat him.


    "The Fierce Principal"

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    Raizo is the principal and founder of Justice High School and the estranged father of Batsu Ichimonji. While brainwashed by his nephew Hyo, Raizo is positioned as the mastermind behind the attacks and kidnappings. He recruits both students and teachers, including Hideo and Kyoko, for Justice High and is responsible for the kidnapping of his own wife, Shizuku, even though it is revealed that Kyosuke committed the act. When freed from his mind control he is shown to be a kind and loving family man who is strict and harsh on his son due to his bad grades.

    Other Appearances

    Batsu's ending in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
    Batsu's ending in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

    Raizo makes a cameo appearance in Batsu's ending in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. While visiting his injured son in hospital, he notices that Batsu's fighting spirit is "burning up" and tells him he is now "Burning Batsu" (a reference to his alternate form in Project Justice). Batsu then wonders why he is suddenly at the hospital when he remembers the events from his training in the mountains. After asking Raizo to teach him some moves Raizo attempts to knock Batsu into a waterfall and berates him for being a crybaby.


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