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    A humanoid race in the Star Wars Universe, they are an amphibian species who are native to the planet Lehon.

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    The Rakata are bipedal smooth skinned humanoids who are native to the planet Lehon. They have tall cone like heads with two protruding eyes on each side, and their hands have three fingers. Their species were once a force sensitive species, but became blind to the force when a plague nearly killed their species.


    In ancient times the Rakata were once a scientifically advances race, who were the first intergalactic power in the galaxy as the Infinite Empire. They were the first to utilize hyperspace travel, with the power of the Force, this allowed them to travel and conquer hundreds of worlds. The Infinite Empire enslaved numerous sentient species in the galaxy, and made many changes in several planets such as Kashyyk and Tatooine making them what they are now.

    The Rakatas success was because of their Force-based technology, this also lead to their downfall. One of the causes of it was the Star Forge, which slowly corrupted its creators as it feed on their aggressive tendencies creating the dark side which corrupted them further. After almost 9800 years of its supremacy in the galaxy the Infinite Empire began to collapse, its slaves began revolting against their oppressive masters, civil war broke out with various factions in the Empire vying for control, and the Rakata were struck by a mysterious plague, which was slowly killing their race, and it soon cut off the Rakatas connection to the Force. The Infinite Empire soon dissolved and the Rakata retreated to their homeworld of Lehon, where their civilization was soon destroyed when various warlords destroyed each other with weapons of mass destruction forcing the most of the Rakata go underground.


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