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Rakion is a Massively Multiplayer Fighting game developed by Softnyx. You fight other people, in different modes and different maps, and it can be a lot of fun. Every character class has a Primary and Ranged Attack, and here is a list of the characters and a description to go along with it. I will also describe how they take form in chaos mode, which you can obtain from getting kills:

Character Classes:

  • Warrior - The warrior, otherwise know as a swordman, specializes in strong and fairly swift attacks. His ranged attacks are throwing knives. In chaos mode, the warrior gets a hulking double sword and has very fast and strong attacks.
  • Blacksmith - This giant hammer wielding class can pack a huge punch, but doesn't quite have the agility to back it up. His ranged attacks are throwing axes. In chaos mode, the blacksmith is stronger than ever, his attacks able to take down enemies easily.
  • Mage - The mage is a rather difficult class to wield. You have an ice attack which is quite strong but leaves you open. Her ranged attacks are fireballs that will usually hit the target if you're able to lock on. In chaos mode, the mage has a stronger and wider ice attack as well as a quicker fire attack.
  • Archer -  Specializes in quick dagger attacks. Her ranged attacks are with the bow, and is actually used more as the primary weapon in most cases. In chaos mode, the archer has a very widespread bow shot as well as strong dagger attacks.
  • Rogue - The rogue is the quickest class in the game, she is spectacular in getting multiple hits in. She can also use throwing stars as her ranged attack. In chaos mode, she specializes in very strong, cheap and quick attacks, as well as a widespread star throw.

Game Modes

Here is also a list of the game modes available:

  • Deathmatch - This is a straight up free-for-all deathmatch, just kill everybody.
  • Team Deathmatch - Work as a team to defeat enemies.
  • Golem War - The team who kills the gold golem will have the ability to attack the other teams golem and win. By killing the person who killed the gold golem, it will return, giving both teams another chance.
  • Stage - You play co-op on stages with fellow players, killing AI and trying to get the best rank as possible.
  • Boss Wars - Each team must protect their own boss-- if it dies, their team loses

So overall, Rakion is a pretty fun online game for the PC. And the best part? It's completely FREE.


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