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    Ralf Jones

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    Ralf Jones is a mercenary from the game Ikari Warriors. He is one of the only characters to be featured in every main installment of The King of Fighters series, and is playable in Metal Slug 6 and 7.

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    Ralf Jones first appears as the P1 character in the Ikari Warriors arcade games. (He is renamed "Paul" in the English versions)
    He, along with ally Clark and commanding officer Heidern, would appear as playable fighters in The King of Fighters '94 as the Brazil Team. The Ikari Warriors team would continue to appear throughout the franchise, and although the team structure varies slightly (with Leona Heidern and/or Whip sometimes joining the team) Ralf and Clark would remain as mainstays. 
    Ralf also appears in Metal Slug 6 and Metal Slug 7 as an ally of the PF Squad and S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S. He fights against the Venusians in the former and the Future Rebel Army in the latter.

    The King of Fighters fighting techniques

    In KOF '94, Ralf and Clark had identical movesets (Desperation Move aside), but throughout the Orochi saga games Ralf would receive more striking moves in order to differentiate himself from Clark. For most of the series, Ralf lacks any command normals. 
    Ralf was slightly reimagined for The King of Fighters XII and XIII. He would lose his trademark Super Argentine Backbreaker and Bari Bari Vulcan Punch Desperation Move, and the way that moves like Galactica Phantom work is different, but gains a couple of explosion based techniques and, of course, a Neo Max DM.
    The King of Fighters 2006 includes an alternate version of Ralf known as "Armor Ralf." Armor Ralf, almost universally considered the best character in the game, cannot block but is immune to throws and has Super Armor enabled at all times. This version of Ralf is the only character to be dropped from the roster in Maximum Impact Regulation A.
    2P = A+C (LP+HP)
    2K = B+D (LK+HK)
    QCF = d, df, f / 236
    QCB = d,db, b / 214
    DP = f, d, df / 623
    HCF = b,db,d,df,f / 41236
    HCB = f,df, d, db, b / 63214
    Moves that are specific to XII and/or XIII Ralf are denoted with "(HD only)." 

    Command Normals

    • Jet Upper (HD only): A far-reaching uppercut


    • Vulcan Punch: Always performed by rapid P. Ralf throws a flurry of explosive punches. The player can slowly move Ralf during the move's execution. Infamously, the move is abnormally difficult to perform in The King of Fighters XI.
    • Gatling Attack: Always performed by Charge b, f+P. Ralf shifts forward while performing a three-hit punch combo. In KOF XIII, EX Gatling Attack mimics the Bari Bari Vulcan Punch DM.
    • Super Argentine Backbreaker: Always performed by HCF+K. A command grab (often used after a close standing C) where Ralf throws the opponent into the air, catches them on his shoulder, and tosses them to the ground.
    • Kyukoka Bakudan Punch (aka Blitzkrieg Punch): Performed by either Charge d, u+P or QCF+P in the air; the former option is not available in XIII. Ralf dives down from the air fist-first and bounces back a short way after hitting the ground.
    • Ralf Kick: Ralf Kick is sometimes a charge move and sometimes a command-based move. Ralf crouches, then performs a flying dropkick.
    • Ralf Tackle: Ralf ducks low and charges forward. The move is fully invincible but easy to punish.
    • Unblock: Exclusive to the tag-based games ( 2003 and XI) and performed with DP+P. Ralf charges up before releasing an unblockable uppercut. The charge-up is autoguarded, but massively telegraphed. If canceled into, the move loses all special properties but skips the opening charge-up.
    • Burning Hammer (HD only): Not at all related to the wrestling technique, Burning Hammer is a simple punch that causes a small explosion. EX Burning Hammer is not only autoguarded, but causes crumple if it hits.
    • Explosive Punch (HD only): Ralf punches the ground, creating an eruption of fire.

    Desperation Moves

    • Bari Bari Vulcan Punch: Performed with QCF, HCB+P. Ralf performs an extended Gatling Attack with a flurry of punches before the final uppercut.
    • Umanori Vulcan Punch (aka Bareback Vulcan): Performed by QCB, HCF+K. Ralf charges forward in an attempt to slam the enemy to the ground. If successful, Ralf mounts them and punches them several times before a final punch lifts them into the air.
    • Galactica Phantom: The single most powerful technique in the entire franchise, performed by QCFx2+P (E instead of P in KOF XI). Ralf charges for a long time (with upper-body autogaurd) before letting loose with an unblockable forward punch. In several games, the most powerful variation of the move available will deal 100% damage on counter hit. In KOF 2002, it is a regular special with a damage reduction. In the HD games, Galactica Phantom is changed entirely; it loses the lengthy startup but is blockable and deals more reasonable damage.
    • Bareback Galactica Phantom: Ralf's HSDM in 2002/ 2002UM, performed with QCB, HCF+2K in the latter. Ralf dives at the opponent in a manner similar to the Bareback Vulcan, then launches them into the air. By then performing QCF and holding 2P, Ralf will roll back, a "super flash" will occur, and Ralf will begin to charge a Galactica Phantom. By releasing the buttons at the right time, Ralf will strike the opponent in the air; hitting within a specific one-frame window will essentially KO the opponent.
    • Jet Vulcan (HD only): Ralf's Neo Max in KOF XIII. Ralf performs a rapid series of punches of exaggerated size. If the attack hits successfully, the camera zooms in as the opponent is repeatedly pulverized. The attack ends once 94 punches have been delivered.

    Metal Slug

    Full Name: Ralf Jones
    Age: 39
    Birthplace: USA
    Position: Mercenary squad, Colonel

    Ralf's melee expertise carries over, as his standard melee attack is faster than Clark's and the Metal Slug mainstays'; likewise, he is the only character that can damage large enemies with melee. His Vulcan Punch returns, and can be used to tear through mobs of the enemy or to take down enemy vehicles. But perhaps is most defining trait is his ability to take an extra hit before dying, an invaluable skill in the frantic world of Metal Slug. However, Ralf only receives half ammo for each of his weapons, which might make later stages difficult for him.

    SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash

    Ralf appears in all three SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters games. In the first two, he is a standard 400/3 character with no ability. In Card Fighters 2, his Galactica Phantom is a Reaction Card that can instantly destroy an enemy character participating in a United Attack. In Card Fighters DS, he appears (in his Ikari Warriors attire) as a 500/400 character who can raise one ally's and one enemy's BP by 300.

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