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Similar to Nanai's Drop Mania games but using the Rampage license, multiple colored blocks are lowered by the player after arranging them in a row to wipe out an area of blocks at the bottom of the screen. Once all blocks are cleared from the bottom, the level is finished. As the player moves the blocks, the chosen Rampage character is shown climbing up and down the side of the puzzle area.

At the end of each level, the player is scored based on multiple factors including time to complete, chains and combos, and best chains and reactions.


The four different modes in single-player include: Clear, Puzzle, Rescue, and Marathon.

  • Clear is self-explanatory. The player chooses the character and progresses through levels as long as they can get ride of the blocks at the bottom.
  • Puzzle mode is nearly the same as Clear mode, but there is a limited supply of blocks to use.
  • In Rescue mode, the player has a time limit to "break" the top of the cage holding one of the Rampage characters.
  • Marathon is a limit-less mode where the player continues until no more moves can be made.

The three different modes in two-player include: Rescue, Score, and Attack.

  • Rescue is the same as single-player but with both players helping to finish the level.
  • Score is a race to see which player can get the highest score before the timer runs out.
  • Attack is similar to modes in Drop Mania and Puzzle Fighter games.

In Clear, Puzzle, and Rescue, there are a set number of levels in different locations from around the globe (and above it!). The areas, in order, are Tokyo, Dehli, Helsinki, Paris, Hollywood, Washington D.C., Moscow, Area 51, and, finally, Outer Space. Each area comprises five levels for a total of 50 levels in each of the Clear, Puzzle, and Rescue modes.


The game starts with the original trinity from Rampage to choose from: George, Lizzie, and Ralph. After beating certain levels in Puzzle mode, other characters from the series are unlocked.


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