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    Rampage: Total Destruction

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Apr 24, 2006

    The latest game in the Rampage series, where you take control of a giant creature and proceed to destroy cities, building by building. You battle against the evil Dr. Vector, the man responsible for turning you and other humans into these giant monsters.

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    George says,
    George says, "Let's turn that frown, upside down!"
    Rampage: Total Destruction is the latest game in the once popular Rampage arcade series. A game that is focused on the complete and utter destruction of real life cities in a fictional future. You are given the option to play as one of many different monsters, including franchise regulars George, Lizzie, and Ralph. You are given seven cities for your destroying pleasure (eight in the Wii version) and each city is comprised of 8-10 unique blocks. Total Destruction features numerous different game modes including Campaign, King of the City, King of the World, and Timed Run. You can unlock additional monsters by playing through Campaign mode and finding secrets hidden throughout the levels. You can also upgrade each monster's abilities by completing challenges in-game and picking up collectibles/upgrades. Total Destruction was created as a piece of fan service for fans of the franchise and features versions of the original Rampage arcade game, as well as Rampage World Tour unlocked right from the beginning.

    Game Modes

    • Campaign (1-2 Players)

    In the campaign mode, you take on the role of one of the humans mutated by the Scum Labs Corporation. Dr. Vector is the head of the Scum Labs Corporation and the man responsible for your current predicament. You must embrace your current situation as a giant monster and fight your way through a group of different cities causing as much damage as physically possible, all while freeing other monsters created by Dr. Vector.

    Each cities takes place across 8-10 different blocks and each block ends with a boss battle against Dr. Vector. It isn't a requirement to defeat Dr. Vector on the final block of each city, but you will lose out on a fair amount points if you don't manage to defeat the evil doctor. The campaign mode can be played co-op with a friend in local multi-player.

    • King of the City (1-2 Players)

    In King of the City, two monsters compete to destroy an entire city, block by block. The object of this mode is to cause more destruction than your fellow monster and while you can attack each other, the main goal is still to destroy every building on every block. King of the City is only played with two monsters competing with each other and the second monster can either be controlled by another person or the in-game AI.

    The mode is broken up into "rounds" comprised of each block and the monster that causes the most destruction on the block is crowned winner of that round. After the city is completely destroyed and no buildings remain, the monster with the most rounds won is crowned "King of the City".

    • King of the World (1-2 Players)

    King of the World is essentially the same as the King of the CIty mode, only on a much grander scale. In King of the World, you compete to fully destroy every city in the game and once a player has been crowned "King of the City" on over half of the available cities, he is then crowned "King of the World". This mode is also for two monsters only and can be player against another person or the in-game AI.

    • Timed Run (1 Player)

    In Timed Run you are given a specific amount of time in which to fully destroy one entire city. The mode is broken down into blocks and any time that wasn't used on one block will carry over to the next block. This mode is only geared towards single-player play, but individuals can compete by alternating to see who can destroy a city in the fastest time possible.

    The Cities

    • Las Vegas: Featuring 9 different blocks - Downtown, Harry's, Slot World, Lancelot's, Jolly Rogers, The Oasis, Hard Luck Buffet, Sinbad, and Nero's.
    • San Francisco: Featuring 10 different blocks - Fisherman's Wharf, The Park, Pacific Heights, Haight Street, SoMa, Tenderloin District, Chocolate Factory, Market Street, Chinatown, and Presidio.
    • London: Featuring 8 different blocks - Chelsea, Mayfair, West End, Baker Street, Trafalgar, Piccadilly Circus, Parliament, and Big Ben
    • Los Angeles: Featuring 8 different blocks - Midway Studios, Studio B, The Backlot, LaBrea, Burbank, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood Blvd.
    • Chicago: Featuring 9 different blocks - Streeterville, Michigan Ave., The Loop E., Downtown, State St., LaSalle St., Wacker Drive, Union Station, and The Tower.
    • Hong Kong: Featuring 8 different blocks - Port, Docks, Technology Park, Gong Park, Apartment Complex, Market Pavillion, Financial Centre, and Fortress.
    • New York City: Featuring 10 different blocks - The Bronx, Scum Factory, Garment Dist., Greenwich, Soho, Central Park West, Central Park East, Broadway, Times Square, and Empire Building.
    • Dallas (Wii-exclusive): Featuring 9 different blocks -Outskirts, Turtle Creek, West End, Old Red, Fountain Place, Downtown, Oil Yards, Stocks, and Fort Worth.

    The Monsters

    Starting Monsters

    • George: A giant ape and one of the series' original monsters.
      George the Ape
      George the Ape
    • Lizzie: A giant lizard and one of the series' original monsters.
    • Ralph: A giant wolf and one of the series' original monsters.
    • Gilman: A giant blowfish.
    • Rhett: A giant rat.
    • Ramsey: A giant ram.
    • Boris: A giant rhino. (Exclusive to the Wii version)
    • Ruby: A giant lobster. (Exclusive to the Wii version)

    Hidden/Unlockable Monsters

    Lizzie the Lizard
    Lizzie the Lizard
    • Amanda: A giant armadillo.
    • Bart: A giant bat.
    • Bubba: A giant blob.
    • Cal: A giant squid.
    • Crock: A giant crocodile.
    • Edwin: A giant invader.
    • Eyegore: A giant alien.
    • Harry: A giant yeti.
      Ralph the Wolf
      Ralph the Wolf
    • Icky: A giant echidna.
    • Jack: A giant jackalope.
    • Jill: A giant jellyfish.
    • Joe: A giant wildman.
    • Kingston: A giant king cobra.
    • Kyle: A giant cyclops.
    • Leon: A giant Lion.
    • Marco: A giant shark.
    • Natalie: A giant nautilus.
    • Nick: A giant demon.
    • Philbert: A giant ungulate.
    • Rocky: A giant granite.
    • Rojo: A giant bull.
    • Shelby: A giant tortoise.
    • Venus: A giant plant.
    • Wally: A giant warthog.

    Wii-Exlcusive Monsters

    • Brian: A giant brain.
    • Cyril: A giant squirrel.
    • Fabio: A giant flea.
    • Fifi: A giant poodle.
    • Plucky: A giant chicken.
    • Sarah: A giant spider.
    • Squirmy: A giant worm.
    • V.E.R.N.: A giant "abomination".


    • Bananas: Adds 10 points to score and 20 points to health.
    • Bomb: Takes away 55 points of health. No advantage.
    • Cactus: Takes away 40 points of health and 25 points of energy. No advantage.
    • Cat: Takes away 20 points of health. No advantage.
    • Cherry: Adds 15 points to score and 10 points to health.
    • Chile Pepper: Takes away 10 points of health. No advantage.
    • Cockroach: Takes away 20 points of health. No advantage.
    • Donut: Adds 10 points to score and 10 points to health.
    • Electricity: Takes away 35 points of health and 25 points of energy. No advantage.
    • Fire: Adds Takes away 25 points of health and 25 points of energy. No advantage.
    • Fish: Adds 10 points to score and 20 points to health.
    • Hamburger: Adds 10 points to score and 20 points to health.
    • Hazard: Takes away 40 points of health and 25 points of energy. No advantage.
    • Hotdog: Adds 10 points to score and 20 points to health.
    • Lemon: Takes away 25 points of health. No advantage.
    • Money: Adds 500 points to score.
    • Numeric Pickups: Adds between 100, 250, and 500 points to score.
    • Poison: Takes away 40 points of health and 25 points of energy. No advantage.
    • Radiation: Takes away 40 points of health and 25 points of energy. No advantage.
    • Rage: Adds 50 points to score and 100 points to energy. Gives instant rage and 20% speedup.
    • Speedometer: Adds 25 points to score and 50% speedup.
    • Steak: Adds 10 points to score and 50 points to health.
    • Syringe: Takes away 60 points of health. No advantage.
    • Turkey: Adds 10 points to score and 50 points to health.
    • Water: Takes away 10 points of health and 50 points of energy. No advantage.

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