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Rampage World Tour is the sequel to the classic NES and arcade game Rampage. Rampage World Tour was released in 1997 on the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation, and the PC, with poor reviews, but good sales. Later on, the game was ported to various consoles including the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and even has a downloadable version available on the PS3's PlayStation Network.


Poor civilians, don't know whats going to happen...
Poor civilians, don't know whats going to happen...
The game has you choosing between three different monsters. George is an ape-like monster that resembles King Kong, Lizzie is a lizard, and Ralph is a werewolf. All of these monsters were once humans who were mutated during experiments at a company called "Scum Labs." To get revenge against "Scum Labs," you need to travel through various cities, destroying planes, tanks, helicopters, and buildings to advance. You must also destroy the "Scum Labs" building that is at the end of each level.

The gameplay consists of players climbing up and down buildings, destroying each level until they collapse. Along the way, various enemies try to stop you, including tanks, helicopters, soldiers, and police cars. They will throw grenades, shoot missiles, tank shells, and bullets at you, to try and turn you back to your human form. After taking enough damage from either enemies, or falling off buildings, you will revert back to a small human, and run off to the left of the screen while covering their naked bodies with their hands. The game also added 2 player co-op where players can team up with a friend, to wreak havoc with two monsters.

This is George, he is angry, he is an ape.
This is George, he is angry, he is an ape.
Some of the improvements from the original include semi-3D backgrounds, as well as power ups for your characters. One of the main power ups is eating a toxic waste can, which turns your character into a flying monster, until the level ends.

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