Ran Hibiki

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    Ran Hibiki is a student at Taiyo High in the Rival Schools series of games. She is the editor in chief of the school's newspaper and dreams of becoming a journalist.

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    Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2

    As editor in chief of Taiyo High's school newspaper, Ran sets out to investigate the local wave of kidnappings and disappearances around her town. She feels the story will garner her the prestigious, "Taiyo High First Prize Scoop" accolade which will further her dream of becoming a journalist.

    Project Justice

    The photo Ran took of Kyosuke mourning his brother.
    The photo Ran took of Kyosuke mourning his brother.

    When the Taiyo-Pacific athletic competition event ends in disaster due to an attack, Ran overhears Chairperson and Boman Delgado vowing to find the culprit responsible and offers to join them. After getting into a fight with Gedo High, Ran notices that Daigo isn't acting like himself. Chairperson leaves the group to look after the Taiyo High students leaving Ran and Boman to investigate. The pair get assaulted and threatened by someone who looks a lot like Batsu Ichimonji before being rescued by Roy Bromwell and Tiffany Lords who out the assailant as an imposter. After getting the imposter to flee, Roy and Tiffany join Ran and Boman in their investigation. The group then runs into Shoma, being manipulated by Momo, who attacks them but is soundly defeated and forced to see the truth. Eventually, the team encounters the fake Batsu again at the rock quarry who reveals himself to be Kurow Kirishima. Chairperson rejoins them for the fight. After defeating him, Kurow attempts to use a brainwashed Hyo Imawano to defeat them but Hyo reveals he only pretended to be brainwashed and cuts Kurow down. This act allows the evil spirit of Hyo's father to possess him turning him into 'Demon Hyo'. After defeating Hyo, Ran, along with Chairperson and Boman, bids farewell to Roy and Tiffany who head back to America. Ran decides to write an article on Roy. Ran also appears in Taiyo High's ending, where it is revealed that she took the photo of Kyosuke Kagami holding his dead brother Hyo. The photo was supposedly one of the reasons Kyosuke didn't return to school after the event which leaves Ran feeling guilty.


    Ran looking for a scoop.
    Ran looking for a scoop.

    "Scoop Girl"

    Despite being a freshman at Taiyo High, Ran has already made a reputation as an extremely tenacious journalist always on the hunt for the latest scoop. She works hard at everything she does and always aims for the gold. In this sense, she is almost as hot-blooded as her upperclassman Batsu Ichimonji and her gym teacher Hayato Nekketsu.


    • Academically, Ran excels at Japanese language and art but fares poorly in home economics and mathematics.
    • Even outside of school, Ran is always on the lookout for more big scoops.
    • Her name is a play on Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter however it is only speculated that the two are connected in any way.
    • She is voiced by Akiko Hiramatsu.

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