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The story takes place after the end of the expansion to Rance Quest, where Rance goes to Helman in search of a treasure that will supposedly release Sill from her frozen state That the Demon King 'Little Princess' put on her during the events of Sengoku Rance. Rance encounters Patton Misnarge, the exiled prince of Helman and his former comrade from Rance VI, who requests Rance to help in his rebellion to take back his country from the clutches of the traitors who banished him. Rance jumps the gun and takes charge of the rebel forces, this time aiming to have sex with Princess Siera Helman, along with any and all other cute girls that he may come across on his way to conquering Lang Baw, the Helman Capital. Unlike the other Rance games, IX is a tactics style game.


  • Russian Kalette (Introduced in IX)
  • Kentou Kanami
  • Tiliday Shape
  • Senhime (Tokugawa Sen)
  • Masou Shizuka
  • Pigu Geliciam (Introduced in IX)
  • Milacle Tou (Introduced in IX)

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