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    Random Hajile

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A mysterious bounty hunter who assists Gillian during the course of the story. Rides a one-wheeled motorcycle known as the "Road Runner". Looks like the musician Sting.

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    Act 1

    Random shows up at the very end of Act 1, saving Gillian Seed from the Snatcher Freddy. Random is a particularly mysterious bounty hunter. Following the first encounter, Chief Cunningham questions his motivations.


    Act 2

    Random later appears in Act 2, this time saving Gillian from his out of control sabotaged Turbocycle. Immediately following this, the two investigate the Snatcher maintenance facility Queen's Hospital together. When they are confronted by Snatchers in the secret morgue, Random sacrifices himself with a large amount of explosives so Gillian and Metal Gear can escape through a vent. 


    Act 3

    At the very end of the game, Gillian learns that Hajile is a cyborg. Random was not aware of this, being programmed to believe he is human. Similar in concept to a Snatcher, he was constructed by Elijah Modnar's father who based the cyborg's appearance and name on his son. Hajile was given the perfect artificial skin Modnar needed for his global Snatcher takeover. In a final act of heroism, Random detained Modnar as a satellite defence system levelled the Snatcher factory hidden under The Kremlin in Neo Kobe.


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