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Randy is an apprentice sorceror who joined the Guardian Heroes when he decided that travelling would give him a better opportunity to hone his abilities. He is usually accompanied by the rabbit Nando, who is apparently also a sorcerer, and has the ability to turn into a homing fireball.

He is said to be quite shy, and has a mild infatuation with Serena.

Randy has the widest range of spells amongst the Guardian Heroes, but is also rather skilled with his staff. He can use it to rack up not-inconsiderable combos, a particular advantage as this is how Magic Points are regenerated in the game.Randy's magic spells include pools of Ice, Tornadoes, giant flaming lasers and a circle of flaming pillars. While these spells start quite small, raising his Intelligence stat can increase them to a size that fills most of the screen.

A unique trait of the boy wizard is that he has a helper character, Nando. Any input that the player makes for Randy on the joypad will also be applied to the rabbit, who can be used to bail Randy out of trouble, lengthen combos, or simply to attack enemies.

In Advance Guardian Heroes, it is revealed that Randy fled when things turned badly for he and his allies. He appears to have given over control of his body to Nando.

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