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    The act of forcing someone to engage in sexual activity against her or his will. Generally considered one of the worst things one human being can do to another.

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    Rape is an act of sexual violation forced upon an unwilling party. It is also considered a serious crime throughout most of the modern world. Rape victims commonly suffer psychological and emotional traumas related to the event in addition to the physical abuse of the sexual assault. Pregnancies that result from rape are also a contentious issue in the ongoing debate over abortion rights.

    As an act and a crime that dates back to the earliest days of recorded history, rape has frequently been depicted in media to one extent or another in various tones for artistic or pornographic purposes. Video games are no exception, and a variety of pornographic games involve rape, such as RapeLay. The following examples are ways in which rape has been depicted in video games without pornographic intent.


    Suikoden II

    The antagonist for the majority of the game is Luca Blight, heir to the throne of Highland. Luca is a bloodthirsty madman who developed a strong hatred for Jowston at a young age after witnessing his mother's rape by thugs hired by City-State capital Muse to attack the Highland royal envoy.

    Silent Hill 2

    In the early hours of the game, as the player character James Sunderland hides in a closet, he peeks through the door to see the monstrous Pyramid Head violently humping lifeless mannequins as though he were raping them.

    Dead or Alive

    Ayane is the half-sister and cousin of the characters Kasumi and Hayate. She was conceived when Raidou, Kasumi and Hayate's uncle, raped their mother Ayame. Though the rape is never depicted on screen, its effects bear a major impact on the storyline of the series.

    F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

    As the game nears its climax, the protagonist, Michael Becket, is attacked by an adult form of Alma Wade. She overwhelms him and, with him helpless on the ground, proceeds to rape him with the intent of becoming pregnant. The sequel, F.3.A.R., reveals that she was successful, and the plot of the game revolves around her upcoming delivery.

    Alpha Protocol

    One of the female characters who can become interested in protagonist Michael Thorton depending on the player's choices is a mercenary codenamed SIE. At one stage late in the game, Michael is captured and strapped to a table by the enemy, requiring his handler for the mission to come rescue him. If Michael's handler is SIE and she is interested in him, she will take advantage of the situation to take advantage of Michael. This is not treated as an especially traumatic event for Michael, and unlike the majority of such events under this concept, it is possible for the player to opt out of having sex, convincing SIE to let him go instead of forcing herself upon him.


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