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Made popular in the animated series for his pursuit of the Lazarus Pit, which can greatly extend his life, or even bring him back from the dead.

Batman Begins

In the video game adaptation of Batman Begins Ra's Al Ghul appears not as the nigh-immortal character from the comics, but instead as ninja Liam Neeson like in the movie. Liam Neeson even provided his voice and likeness for the game. Instead of being the leader of the League of Assassins (like in the comics), he is the leader of the League of Shadows. The name change was likely because Bruce Wayne wouldn't have even considered joining the organization if he knew it was filled with assassins.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Ra's Al Ghul has a rather lifeless role in Arkham Asylum. Literally, because he is dead in the game, and appears in a body bag. Scanning him is the way to solve one of The Riddler's riddles in the game.

Batman: Arkham City

Ra's has a much larger role in Arkham City, if only because he was brought back to life by a Lazarus Pit. In the game he is leading the League of Shadows along with his daughter Talia.


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