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Rasetsumaru is a demon who fights only because he enjoys killing. His katana is always red because he never cleans the blood off of it. He especially enjoys killing women.

His fighting style resembles Haohmaru's, but their move lists aren't completely identical.

He is voiced by Tsuguo Nakajima in Samurai Shodown V and Samurai Shodown 5 Special, and by Shinsuke Fukui in Samurai Shodown VI.


Haohmaru is a sadistic demon born in Makai, the Demon World. After Amakusa opened a portal into Makai, Rasetsumar was able to travel into the human world. There he learned of Haohmaru, a legendary samurai who looks exactly like him. Annoyed by the fact that they look identical, he desides to find and kill Haohmaru.

In his Samurai Shodown 5 ending, he finds Haohmaru at a temple. After killing the temples inhabitants, he challenges Haohmaru to a duel. Before they fight, he tells him: ''If I eat your heart, I will be the real Haohmaru!'', revealing that Rasetsumaru was tired of living in his shadow. After he said this, it turns out that his foe wasn't Haohmaru at all, but instead a nun called Yumeji, who Rasetsumaru had previously defeated and was thought to be dead, disguised as him. The nun then beheads the shocked Rasetsumaru, and leaves the temple. After she leaves, the decapitated head of Rasetsumaru promises to some day kill her too.

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