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    Ray Boccino

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    Ray hires Niko for several jobs, mainly revolving around a huge diamond deal. He is part of the Pegorino crime family. He also has connections with the McReary Irish Crime family and The Lost Motorcycle Club. Ray owns an italian restaurant called Drusilla's. He served as the secondary antagonist in The Lost and Damned.

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    Raymond Boccino is a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto IV and a member of the Pegorino crime syndicate. He is thirty-two years old and grew up in Westdyke, Alderney, he was born in 1976 and later moved into Algonquin for business purposes. Ray Boccino is most often found in the restaurant Drusilla’s, which is in the Little Italy part of Algonquin in the
    Ray Boccino In Drusilla's
    Ray Boccino In Drusilla's
    southern portion of the island. He works for the Pegorino family, mainly dealing with smaller gangs who can help get work done with minimal risk to the important members. These families include the McReary family and Niko is first introduced to Boccino though the McRearys. Pegorino also does not trust Ray fully because he makes deals outside the Pegorin family, which leads to suspicion and James Pegorino not trusting him or respecting his views as much as some others, such as Phill Bell. Because of this Boccino has a bad relationship with Phil Bell, eventually implying that Phil is cheating with Pegorino’s wife, by saying that they have been spending a lot of time together recently.

    Joe Barbara voiced Ray Boccino in Grand Theft Auto IV

    Reference in the Story

    Ray Boccino is first introduced to the player character Niko by Patrick McReary, of the McReary family who operate out of Dukes. Boccino then goes on to hire Niko to take out a former friend of Ray’s Teddy Benevidez in “A Long Way to Fall”. Afterwards Niko goes around Algonquin collecting Diamonds in black bin liners, they all were attacked by rival gang members, but they all survived. Niko is then informed that DiLeo, Barbosa and Silvestri, the men that he worked with collecting the diamonds, have taken them for themselves this leads to Niko chasing them down through the streets and eventually finishing at Middle Park where Luca crashes the car, they all flee and take cover near the toilets in the park. Niko kills them and then executes Luca for the diamonds in the male toilets below ground level. Ray calls to tell Niko to give him the diamonds on the Middle park bridge. Boccino sets up a deal with some diamond dealers to sell them in the Museum, but it is ambushed and Johnny Klebitz runs off with the diamonds. Afterwards Niko is sent to kill some members of The Lost Brotherhood in retaliation during a bike chase which involves racing down the
    Ray Boccino killed by Niko
    Ray Boccino killed by Niko
    city’s subway system. Ray eventually calls later after the completion of this mission to tell Niko that Issac one of his associates in the diamond deal is blaming the outcome of the deal on Ray and even threatening to kill Boccino, this obviously does not go down well with ray and Ray sends Niko to The Majestic Hotel to kill Issac Roth and some other diamond dealers. Ray also plays a key role in introducing Niko to Bernie Crane/Florian Cravic after leading Niko to a card game friend of Bernie’s, Talbot Daniels who leads Niko and Roman to Florian’s apartment. Due to growing suspicion later on in the game and general distrust James Pegorino orders Niko to kill Ray by following in his convoy, Pegorino sets up the perfect ambush opportunity and Niko kills Ray, however the manner of Ray Boccino is left entirely up to the players wish. After this he is not referenced or seen in the game again. 


    Grand Theft Auto IV

    •  A long way to fall
    • Taking in the trash
    • Meltdown
    • Museum Piece
    • No Way on the Subway
    • Late Checkout
    • Weekend at Florian's

    The Lost and Damned

    • Diamonds in the Rough
    • Collector's Item
    • Was it Worth it?

    Other Mission Appearances

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    • Harboring a Grudge
    • Truck Hustle
    • Pegorino's Pride
    • Pest Control

    The Lost and Damned

    • Action/Reaction
    • Bad Standing

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