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The Ray Sphere is a small, spherical device that was researched and constructed by the First Sons under the order of Kessler as a way to empower living creatures with lightning. Throughout the story audio logs tell Cole the device was tested on animals such as rats and chimpanzees, leading the animals to be killed quickly. Later experimentation, with the ray sphere caused powers to be granted. Although all animals were killed after the experiment. In the same audio logs it was noted that only Conduits, humans who have superhuman abilities or the ability to develop them by nature are affected by the Ray Sphere, this is put to the test when Zeke tries to give himself powers by using the sphere, but nothing happens.  .The Ray Sphere was given to  Cole MacGrath to deliver to a specified location but would detonate before he ever got there. Cole was holding the Ray Sphere when it activated, the buildings and people in the immediate vicinity were both affected, destroying large portions of the buildings and turning all the people to dust. Even though the Ray Sphere caused such wide spread damage, it didn't kill Cole. Instead it granted him his ability to expel electricity at will. 

Moral Decision 

Very close to the end of the game, Cole is asked whether to destroy the Ray Sphere or to activate it again to increase his power. 

Activating the Ray Sphere 

This decision is considered to be the evil path. When activating the sphere, John screams at Cole and tries to remove him from the Ray Sphere. This is in vain as he in drawn into the Ray Spheres energy and is consumed along with the pier he is standing on. Cole's attacks increase in power and now has red and black lightning instead of the normal plain red. Cole  gains 1500 XP and is permanently stuck at Infamous rank, regardless of his initial karma. 

Destroying the Ray Sphere 

This decision is considered to be the good path. Cole destroys the casing around the Ray Sphere with a jolt of lightning. Doing this causes the power from the Ray Sphere to be dispersed and consume both John and the pier. Cole gains 100 XP and good karma.

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