Has there been/Will there be info re: platform differences?

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I've seen the trailers and played the demo a number of times and that little green dude (the WiiU controller guy) plays a pretty fun and substantial role Rayman Legends.

As someone who already owns a 360 and a PS3 my plan was to buy Rayman for one of those and I was wondering has UbiSoft released any details regarding how these versions will be adjusted to accommodate the lack of the WiiU controller?

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I have no idea.

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Although, for 360 they have a Splinter Cell Costume pre-order. And PS3 gets a ACIV pirate costume pre-order.

I doubt much more is gonna come out of this.

GameSpot: Rayman Legends gets console-specific preorder bonuses

That's so dumb... and exactly the kind of goofy preorder bonus I can get behind. Inconsequential stuff is always what I'd prefer for preorder bonuses.

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Most likely the games will be the same except for the Touch Screen stuff in the Wii U version.

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The Vita will supposedly have all the touchscreen stuff the Wii U has.

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