PC Version Slow Down?

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is anyone else running this on a PC thats well able to play this game but the game ends up running very slow?

...and the game is slow in a very particular way, like a gravity mod has been turned on. its still super smooth but just running obviously not at the speed it is meant to be played at.

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#2 Posted by Legend (2717 posts) -

Yeah it's happening to me. Playing it in windowed mode not full screen fixes it. Not sure what's causing it to happen.

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#3 Posted by KatyGaGa (515 posts) -

ugh, there is no way to fix this?

or does it need to be patched?

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@katygaga: I saw some people on the Steam forums who fixed it by setting a custom resolution. My graphics card doesn't support that so I couldn't try it myself. I'm hoping they'll patch it.

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#5 Posted by MonetaryDread (2786 posts) -

It works properly for me. What kind of card is everyone using?

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#6 Edited by DonMFJohnson (184 posts) -

Getting this slow down too with Radeon 7870. What the hell Ubisoft?

Edit: This fixed it for me, added 1920x1076@60 resolution in Catalyst Control Center. Still, what the hell Ubisoft?

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@donmfjohnson: How do you create custom resolution in Catalyst Control Center by the way? I couldn't find the option to do that.

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#8 Posted by DonMFJohnson (184 posts) -

@legend: My Digital Flat-Panels -> HDTV Support, use the Add button to add custom resolutions.

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