Rayman Legends is 35 bucks on XBL right now.

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Seemed like too good of a deal to pass up so I got it, now I wait for the download.

I was originally going to get it for the Wii U when I get one in November but this works, it's 25$ off and I will now have a game to play while waiting for BF4, Peggle 2, Mario 3D world, and DCK Tropical freeze.

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Sounds like an awesome deal. I have played a good amount so far on PS3 and think everyone should give it a try.

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P.S. I'm really enjoying this game.

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Good thing you hopped on that, because it's already back to $60.

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Shit...got all excited seeing this and turned on my Xbox ready to buy it. Was it a mistake on MS's part or was it some unadvertised flash sale?

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@big_jon: I think it was either for your region only or else a fluke in the system, because I checked when you posted this thread and it was still full price. Nice find on your part, though!

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Oh, well I'm not sure but it was not an advertised sale. I am Canadian too so maybe that was part of it.

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Try this, it says 35 for me, sorry I'm on my phone so I can't link properly.

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It's 350 NOK ~59 USD here compared to the 599NOK~100USD it is in retail. I think this is discounted in every region and on every platform.

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