So, this game is awesome!

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I don't think it should have been marketed at full price, probably 40$ for the simple fact that the market has changed, how ever, it is a great game, if you're on the fence I would say if you like plat formers and good silly fun that this game is for you.

I am doubtful that this game will sell well though, I can imagine that in the future they will due an online re-release to make up for poor sales.

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It sucks that they chose such a busy release date, had they released it earlier (summer) they would've probably gotten way more sales than they're going to.

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I was following the game since it was first announced as an episodic XBLA game, and really loved the demo.

It's just a shame they chose to release it on the same day as Zelda and Mario 3DS Land. I'll try and pick it up before Christmas though.

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