Rayman Origins

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    Officially revealed at Ubisoft's 2010 E3 press briefing, Rayman Origins is a new 2D Rayman game developed by Michel Ancel and a small team, taking the series back to its roots.

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    Rayman's return to Two-dimensions is fantastic one 2

    Michel Ancel would probably not appreciate it if you referred to Rayman as the “French Mario”. Ancel’s limbless goofball has never shared much of the limelight that catapulted his more popular and utilitarian counterpart to stardom, occupying a space that has become increasingly under-appreciated and unloved in the HD era. In Rayman Origins, Ancel has brought Rayman full circle back the series roots in 2D platforming as opposed to the series’ 3D sequels in an attempt to make gamers fall in love ...

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    Latforming-pay oodness-gay 0

    Platformers have always been one of my favorite genres when done well, which has become a relative rarity in recent times. All of that combines to make the occasional gem like Rayman Origins a real treat. If you have any appreciation for a good 2D platformer, Rayman Origins is the game for you.With platformers, it always begins with controls. Rayman Origins controls extremely well for the most part, which makes navigating the game’s dozens of levels fun at its core. There’s a snappiness to movin...

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    Amazing Platformer 0

    I'm not a long-term fan of Rayman. Rayman 2 was an OK game. The Rabbids were amusing, but didn't lead themselves to great games. So, I was trying Rayman Origins without huge expectations.I was FLOORED.Rayman Origins might be the best platformer of the last few years not named Mario and is up there in the running for Multiplatform Game of the year. There is nothing I can fault the game for. It is a game that is not apologetic for being a game...but, equally, it is a game that has nothing to apolo...

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    Rayman makes his triumphant return to platforming 0

    Ever since Ubisoft introduced us to the lovably psychotic rabbids, Rayman, who was technically the star of the first couple of Raving Rabbids games, has gone into an unexpected retirement. The limbless wonder was the star of a couple well-renowned platformers during the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 days, but has had a very small presence in console generations since.The action gets appropriately crazy when multiple players are active.Well, he's back now, in what can only be described as Rayman th...

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    It's fun and it plays great in co-op 0

    My partner and I have been having a blast on this game; it's cute, funny and enjoyable. Loved it!Apparently, I need to put 250 characters so I need to say stuff that don't really need to be here... Anyhow, no need to say much, check out the quick look, if you are interested you will probably like this game...

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    Rayman is back but in 2D 0

    Rayman Origins brings back Rayman into a new side scrolling adventure. Once again the electoons have been captured and need to be freed with the help of the Nymph sisters, rayman and friends will go across numerous worlds to free them. The mechanics of the game involves the character punching and jumping their way through the early worlds and upon freeing the Nymph sisters, they would gain additional powers such as flying, swimming and many more. This will aid the player in finding the more dif...

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    A Fun and Vibrant 2D Platformer 0

    With the “golden age of platformers” a time long gone, and both the Rayman character and platforming mechanics having been largely absent from the franchise for a fair while now, it would be easy to conclude that the days of Rayman contributing anything significant to the platforming genre are over, but that would be a big mistake. Rayman: Origins is a 2D platformer which brings the series surging back in style and proves that a Rayman game can still play excellently in 2012.Rayman is back and w...

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    This platformer's got legs. 0

    As the gaming industry moves onwards and upwards and each genre evolves, it's interesting to observe how the platformer has come around full circle since its debut. Whereas the rest of the industry strives for more expansive and photorealistic environments or interactive storytelling, the platformer went from having players move from left to right in 2D side-scrollers to wandering around larger 3D worlds, only to find itself right back where it started. This isn’t a negative slight on the genre ...

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    Rayman Origins Review By: Andrew Bohnenberger 0

    Rayman Origins ReviewBy: Andrew BohnenbergerRayman Origins is a 2d side scrolling platformer game developed and published by Ubisoft for PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360. Due to the success of Super Mario Bros Wii, it is obvious that Ubisoft wanted to piggy back off of the family friendly co-op experience which made that game such a hit. But does Rayman Origins provide a unique experience or is just another Mario knock-off?StoryThe story of Rayman Origins is centered on your lead limbless protag...

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    Rayman 0

    These days it’s pretty hard to find a new and exciting 2D platformer no matter what system you’re playing on. With the advent of 3D gaming 2D platformer’s have all but completely evaporate from the main stream of video games. Today the field is dominated by indie developers and Nintendo’s large cast of platforming characters lead by a certain red plumber that who won’t stop setting and re setting the bar for the genre. But this time its Raymans turn to set a couple of bars of his own.When I firs...

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    The best platformer that I've played in years. 0

    Rayman does what it aims to do brilliantly. The controls, which are vital to a platformer, are remarkably responsive. The level design is top notch as well. Everything around Rayman is great, the only problem comes from what Rayman is. It has a limited ceiling that it can reach. It's solid on all accounts, but still doesn't reach the insane highs that it sets out to accomplish. Still, I highly recommend you try it out....

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    Rayman Origins is, simply put, absolutely delightful. 0

    I say delightful because every time I boot up this game and let the gorgeous visuals and bizarrely brilliant soundtrack wash over me, I just can't wipe the grin from my face. The game's not all looks and no substance, either. Under the shiny veneer lies a tightly-made platformer with plenty of challenge, hidden secrets, insane humor, and great variety. Overall, if you're into platforming at all, you will find plenty to love in Rayman Origins.I've never been a huge fan of Rayman. I've played the ...

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    Don't miss it 0

    As this is the first game I play of Rayman series, I'm quite impressed by the fast pace this game takes and the beautiful graphics and music this game presents.Rayman and his friends wake up the old lady with their snoring which makes her send her army of misfits to invade this beautiful world. You set up in a journey to save this world in four different areas each with their own atmosphere after you have chosen a character to play with.Basic gameplay of killing different enemies and maneuvering...

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    Rock Solid Platformer 0

    In my little video review, I give my thoughts on Rayman: Origins (There's also some additional stuff after I'm done talking about Rayman, but the game stuff comes first) Now - one little thing I didn't get into in the review - is that if you're going to beat the game - and save all the Glade Kings, you may end up having to do a lot of back-tracking - more than your Mario Galaxy - probably closer to your Mario 64 "Get All The Stars If You Want To See The Ending" level....

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    Rayman Origins Review 0

    Developer: UbisoftPublisher: UbisoftIt is a worry that Rayman Origins arrived on our shelves when it did. Amid the deluge of triple-A releases, there is a real worry that Rayman will go relatively unnoticed. This would be fine if the game was terrible, but in reality, Rayman could end up being a standout title for many gamers as they look back over 2011.Visually, Rayman Origins is stunning. The 2D side scrolling action game is packed full of colour and character. Bright and vibrant, the whole ex...

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    Rayman And All His Glory 0

    When we look at a game like Rayman: Origins, we look for an experience that will deliver a multitude of enjoyment. We want to experience a great story with lovable characters, beautiful environments and something that the whole family can enjoy. Being one of Ubisoft's oldest (and still running) franchise, Rayman is back with a cast of his loveable friends. The player can play alone or with up to 3 friends in a local co-op to fight along-side one another and help Rayman reach his destination. Pla...

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    2D beauty redefined 0

    Platformers have been on a rise as of late, but none look and play as good as Rayman Origins. That's my personal opinion, of course, but once you play the game you'll know why. The demo really impressed me and the game has been amazing so far. The controls are tight, the game slowly ramps up in difficulty, and you can play with friends. Sadly, the co-op is not online, but it's still a ton of fun.Hilarity ensues with Rayman & crew.Rayman has been around since the PlayStation, and has always b...

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    A must play 0

    Rayman Origins is one of the best games you can own on the PlayStation Vita. Although it doesn't do anything particularly exciting with the hardware's numerous bells and whistles but makes the transition more or less intact, with the exception of the co-op mode. Despite this, the game is just as fun and visually enthralling as it was on consoles.Michel Ancel's return to the franchise finds Rayman and his friends incurring the wrath of an old woman living in the Land of the Livid Dead because of ...

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    SPM: Rayman Origins 0

    The last Rayman game I played was the original Rayman way-back-when on the Playstation. A masterpiece of 2d platforming that was also bastard hard. I’ve still never completed that game, even after downloading it on the Playstation 3, but I loved it because it was bright, vibrant and really fun.Since then the Rayman franchise has gone off in several directions; including a couple of 3D games and a bunch of mental rabbits. Rayman Origins takes the series back to where it started, but adds a few ne...

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    Whoa! 0

    The first of many Vita games I purchased is by far the best. I had this for XBOX 360 for a short period, but like many games I let it rest for too long and never got any further than the first few stages. But to show how much I'm now obsessed with the Vita, I am now nearing completing this epic adventure, and have been loving every minute of it. The animation, illustrative style and sound fits the Vita perfectly, and has made me a true believer in the platform. this game has some of the funnest ...

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    Style and Soul 0

    With games now these days doing everything scientifically possible to appeal to as many people as possible for the maximum amount of money, Rayman: Orgins says to hell with that and just does what it wants to. It's such a breath of fresh air that one could not help but be absorbed by it's enthusiasm, humor, and soul. Rayman: Origins is such a well crafted and stylized game that if you walk away from it without a smile on your face, you are quite simply soulless.Rayman: Origins' story is primaril...

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    Review: Rayman Origins (Wii) 2

    Let's get the critical evaluation out of the way: Rayman Origins is a fun, smartly-designed 2-D platformer that strikes a balance between the charm and detail of Kirby's Epic Yarn with the trial and error, twitch challenge of Super Meat Boy. Sounds pretty good, right? For the most part, it is. Game reviewers have heaped near-universal praise upon the title using phrases like "wonderfully crafted," "gorgeous," and "controls perfectly." I agree with all of these, and yet, Rayman Origins still come...

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