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A must play

Rayman Origins is one of the best games you can own on the PlayStation Vita. Although it doesn't do anything particularly exciting with the hardware's numerous bells and whistles but makes the transition more or less intact, with the exception of the co-op mode. Despite this, the game is just as fun and visually enthralling as it was on consoles.

Michel Ancel's return to the franchise finds Rayman and his friends incurring the wrath of an old woman living in the Land of the Livid Dead because of their constant snoring (in the Snoring Tree no less!). The crone lets loose an army Darktoons to capture the friendly Electoons and five Nymphs from the Glade of Dreams. Rayman and his friends will travel the world, rescuing the happy go lucky folk from danger.

Apart from being a lengthy adventure, what makes Rayman Origins special is the beautiful, hand drawn art style that breeds some truly creative levels that couldn't be done with computer generated modelling software. Each realm in the Glade has its own distinct style, from magical forests to a frozen food paradise. Complimenting the lush design is a fantastic musical score from Beyond Good & Evil composer, Christophe Heral, who has made some really catchy stuff. The game does make much use of the Vita's hardware, but using your fingers to pinch the front touch screen will zoom the camera in and out. Additionally, Lums trapped in bubbles and inflated enemies can be popped by touching them directly on the screen with your fingertip.

Hands down, Rayman Origins is a must buy for PlayStation Vita owners.

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