Razer's gaming laptop: Blade... what do you all think?

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Here's the official site

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I myself can't afford to be a pc gamer... certainly not with Blade's price tag: 2800 dollars.   (yep) 
But I do find it one hell of an entrance, and hope this can shake up the industry a little.  And god, do I hope they find a way to drop the price point, at least with Blade 2.0  (isn't that an awful name btw?)  
Here's an article from Kotaku presenting the potential significance of the Blade.  Might be a bit dreamy if you ask me, but what do you all think? 
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If I had $2800 spare monies (which I never will, at least at my current age), sure. The laptop itself looks rather snazzy, and I really do love Razer's stuff. 
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First off, 2800$ is a joke.. I am using a qosmio x505-885 i5 laptop for gaming and it only cost me 1100$ after tax and shipping thx to a sale. My core gpu is clocked at 3.0 vs its base 2.8 which an i7 is stronger then my i5 anyways so that doesnt matter to much.. i have 6gig of 1600mhz of ram vs its 1333MHz of 8g. I have a 18.4 inch led screen vs its 17'. I have 64bit win7 pro, same with it. I have 3.0 usb and 2.0 like it with a webcam. I also have a 500gig 10000 rpm HD vs its 320gig 7200rpm. Its Graphics are better then mine but for a difference in 1700$ for such tiny differences is stupid. I also have the kwerty keypad on the right hand side while it has some crazy ass touch screen that looks to small to see anything on. It looks cool but for 2800$ i could build a desktop that could fuck it then have plenty left to give it some cab fare back to its warehouse. This is not what you are looking for to get into computer gaming, this is something you get when you have alot of extra money sitting around and you *Must* have the best, but even then the new i7 qosmio's or Asus laptops are just as good if not better for a minimum of 800-1200$ cheaper. Razer is trying to copy alienware which is a overpriced POS also. Just my 2cents but if you wanted to get into pc gaming, either look for a cheaper qosmio / asus or you can always spend 800-1000$ for a desktop that will last for a few years.

"But I do find it one hell of an entrance, and hope this can shake up the industry a little." This is one hell of an entrance and one hell of a way to dig its own grave. No this wont shake up the industry, unless its from laughing.

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Definitely overpriced. IF they could bring the price down, it could really be something special. As it is, they're just creating an Alienware-like, niche focused product.

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Ridiculously overpriced.

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I'll just put this here, but if you can't open the picture. I'll just say this, shitty over-priced paying for the brand laptop.

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That power button looks needlessly chunky and distracting.


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