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    Razputin (Raz for short) is the protagonist of the game Psychonauts. He ran away from the circus in an attempt to join a camp full of psychic warriors in training.

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    Razputin (Raz for short) is a young boy who, contrary to tradition, runs away from the circus to go to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, a summer camp for psychics. The instructors quickly discover that Raz has amazing mental capabilities, stronger than even themselves in some cases. However, Raz has only one day to accomplish his lifelong dream of becoming a Psychonaut before his father arrives to pick him up and return home. Raz believes that his father hates psychics and will do anything to stop Raz from using his psychic abilities.

    Raz at the Meat Circus
    Raz at the Meat Circus

    In the game Raz reveals that another rival gypsy family cursed his family to die in water. This is apparent when Raz enters any body of water and a ghost like hand comes out to grab him. The game manual tells that the hand is named The Hand of Galochio, which is named after the family that implimented the curse.

    There is also much speculation about Raz's last name. Although it is never mentioned in the game, there is a level where you can find a poster of a group of acrobats. There are figures in the poster that resemble Raz's father as well as a small boy that wears the same kind of goggles Raz wears. The name on the poster is that of Aquato. It is incredibly ironic if this is true because of the how his family is doomed to die if they set foot in water thanks to the Curse of Galochio.


    • Levitation: The ability to float using psychic powers.
    • Telekinesis: Lift and throw objects using the mind.
    • Pyrokinesis: Creation of fire just by thinking it.
    • Clairvoyance: Ability to see through the eyes of others.
    • PSI Blast: Turns aggression into energy.
    • PSI Shield: Creates a shield around Raz for protection.
    • Invisibility: Raz can turn invisible to the naked eye.
    • Confusion: Cloud opponents mind causing him to attack others.

    Psi ranking, upgrades, and new powers

    While a cadet, Raz will need to slog through the ranking system in order to earn new powers and upgrade his existing skills. There are 100 total ranks to achieve and with every 5 ranks earned Raz will be able to open new abilities and improve existing ones (longer invisibility, bouncing PSI blasts, etc.).

    Raz can progress through ranks in a number of ways:

    • Earn 100 figment points.
    • Collect 1 PSI challenge marker.
    • Collect 9 PSI cards and exchange them for a psi challenge marker.
    • Collect all 5 pieces of Emotional Baggage within a brain.
    • Complete half of the scavenger hunt. (4 ranks)
    • Complete the scavenger hunt. (4 ranks)


    Using the psycho portal, Raz can also project himself into the psyches of other people, where all of the things in that person's mind are displayed literally, such as figments of their imagination, their personal demons, their censors, and other things.


    • Some other suggested names for the main character before they settled on "Razputin" were: Dartagnan, Chops, Angus, Beat, Dare, Otto, Bolt, Finn, and Li-Po.
    • Raz is the only character in the game, besides his father, to have five fingers on each hand. Every other character has only four.
    • An Easter egg in Alice: Madness Returns features Raz's mummified corpse sitting in an armchair, arm still up in his signature mind-reading pose. This is a nod from another videogame whose main theme involves a character travelling into a surreal representation of the human mind.
    • A still 2D image of Raz, along with images of characters from other Double Fine games, and even the comics posted on their website, appears as one of the randomly-selected members of the dancing crowd in the Dance Party minigame in the compilation of Kinect-based minigames called Double Fine Happy Action Theatre.

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