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    RBI Baseball '95

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1995

    A Sega 32X exclusive entry in the long running baseball series.

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    RBI Baseball '95 is a baseball game developed and published by Time Warner Interactive for the Sega 32X platform.


    RBI Baseball '95 plays like a typical baseball game at the time with multiple modes of play. The game had the MLBPA license to use specific players from the MLB but did not have the full MLB license so none of the real MLB teams are present. The teams were only named after the cities of real MLB teams and even used colors that were very similar to the MLB teams.


    • Stadium Tour - The season mode of the game.
    • Play Ball - An exhibition game which the player can choose both teams and play.
    • Home Run Derby - The player gets 20 pitches from a pitching machine to get as many home runs as possible.
    • Defense Practice - In defense practice the computer players team bats from a post so the player can practice playing as the defense.
    • Game Breakers - In the game breakers mode the player chooses a famous situation in baseball history and the goal is to re-create it.

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