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    R.C. Pro-Am II

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1992

    R.C Pro-Am II is an isometric track racer with power ups for the NES. It boasts a variety of themed tracks aswell as vehicles.

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    R.C Pro-Am II is an arcady, fast paced racing game for the NES released in 1992 where you race around a set track either vs the computer or with another person. The remote controlled vehicles range from buggys to trucks and the stages go from standard tarmac to more difficult tracks in sand and other surfaces. It is played from a top down isometric perspective and features alot of tweaks to standard racing gameplay. 

    Tracks have hazards like puddles of water/ rainclouds (that will slow you down), puddles of oil (that will spin you out) or planes that fly over the track at certain points and drop bombs on the contestants. To add to the overall pace there are speedstrips that gives you a short burst in speed (and that can be linked together if hit in succession) and often alot of jumps that needs to be taken together with the speedstrips. 

    Before starting a race you can equip your car with extra nitro for more boosts when you need to get an edge on the competition or weaponry to take them down when you need it the most. 

    Between races there are also button mashing minigames where you have to win a tug of war versus a monster truck. 
    Cars comes in 4 colors and the CPU will fill up the 2 remaining slots when playing multiplayer.   

    The game is comparable to Micro-Machines or Mario Kart

    Upgrades and power-up's

    There are also stuff laying about on the track that can aid you in your race. There are nitro canisters of the same kind that can be bought before the race that gives you the same effect. Sometimes they are color coded after the colors of the cars so you can only grab the one that corresponds to your own color.
    There are also permanent upgrades to your car to pick up. They can give you one of three effects.
    • Turbo  - Increases you acceleration.
    • Top Speed - Increases your top speed.
    • Sticky Tires - Increases your ability to turn, making you able to take corners better
    These upgrades stack between races and helps you get the edge in races ahead. There are also letters scattered around the tracks that spells the word "RC Pro Am II" that will upgrade your car when you have collected them all.
    Cash "power-ups" gives you money to spend in the store.

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