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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 30, 1996

    The sequel to Loaded with improved graphics and just as much violence and blood.

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    It is a mission based game, where players must complete various objectives to successfully win in each of the twelve worlds. Throughout each mission, players must kill all enemies to proceed to the next, and can do so by making use of a variety of weapons such as plasma cannons, lasers and ultra bombs.


    FUB is back again and this time hes taken a new body and identity, also calling himself C.H.E.B (Charming Handsome Erudite Bastard). CHEB new goal is to transform entire planets into "Works of art and Genius" This got the attention of a lot of individuals including our anti-heroes.



    • Weapon: B.B.S
    • Speed: Slow
    • Special: Seismic Tantrum


    • Weapon: Tri me
    • Speed: Slow
    • Special: Twist and shout


    • Weapon: Superior Mutha
    • Speed: Fast
    • Special: Animal Magnetism

    The Consumer

    • Weapon: Hot Lips
    • Speed: Medium
    • Special: Oh-BEESE

    Cap n' hands

    • Weapon: Retro ballista's
    • Speed: Fast
    • Special: Blood bath


    • Weapon: Gender Defender
    • Speed: Medium
    • Special: Flaming ring

    Fwank (Secret character)

    • Weapon: S.L.A.G
    • Speed: Fast
    • Special: 8-ball


    • The Desert planet
    • CHEB's Secret Base
    • Subterranean foundry
    • Subterranean foundry (p2)
    • The Fabled Crystal Monastery
    • The Fabled Crystal Monastery (P2)
    • The Fabled Crystal Monastery (P3)
    • CHEB''s Submarine
    • CHEB's secret Island
    • CHEB's Secret island( the laboratory)
    • The laboratory experiment


    1. Vox isn't in this sequal
    2. Two new characters are introduced in this game (Sister Magpie and The Consumer)
    3. FWANK is now a secret character
    4. Although FWANK is a secret character he is on the cover and some pictures in the instruction manual.

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