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A common feature in RPGs, re-specs are a way for players to change the way their characters play. It's usually implemented to save high-level players some time from creating & leveling up whole new characters just to experience a different facet of the game. In most cases, a re-spec refunds all the skill points, allowing the player to redistribute them from the ground up, while still maintaining their level of strength.

Massive Multiplayer Online Games

The concept of re-spec is very popular among MMOs, where players make huge time investments in their characters and still want to enjoy different play-styles. For example, in World of Warcraft, players can re-spec their talent points at any time for a nominal gold cost. Players still maintain their gear & character attributes. It allows players of hybrid classes like Paladins to fulfill various roles depending on the challenge at hand.

Other Genres

With the increased usage of skill trees and talent points in other genres, it's becoming a common practice to allow players to change their specializations on the fly. For example, League of Legends allows players to re-spec their summoners before each round. This gives players the freedom to change their playing style depending on the kind of Champion they use.

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