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    Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Sep 08, 1999

    Ready 2 Rumble is Midway's drolly take on the video game boxing genre. It combines accessible arcade-like gameplay, with simulation-like skill building to deliver a slapstick and fun boxing entry.

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    Ready 2 Rumble Boxing was Midway's 1999 take on the arcade boxing game, channeling the spirit of Nintendo's classic Punch-Out!! It featured a roster of colorful characters, each with a distinct personality and fighting style, such as Afro Thunder or Boris "The Bear" Knokimov. If a player could land enough hits to spell out the word "RUMBLE," then they would be able to unleash a powerful special move called a "Rumble Flurry."

    Ready 2 Rumble was followed by a late 2000 sequel called Ready to Rumble Boxing: Round 2, which featured celebrity guest characters, ranging from Michael Jackson to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Game Modes

    Arcade Mode

    The arcade mode is were players can pick a fighter to go through a series of fighters to unlock other characters.

    Championship Mode

    The Championship Mode is where players can pick a fighter and go through several modes - "Train Boxer," "Title Fight," "Prize Fight," "Exhibition Fight," "Trade Boxer."

    The player can train a fighter in the "Train Boxer" mode, the mode if where the player can built up certain attribute of the fighter.

    "Title Fight" is where the player can move their character up in the ranks.

    "Prize Fight" is where the player can earn money from fights that the player can participate in. At first, the player can bet a certain amount of money before the fight. When the player wins or loses, the player will either win or lose the amount of money that the player bet. The money won is use for purchase gym equipment for the "Train Boxer" mode.

    The player can test the player's fighter attributes in the "Exhibition Fight."

    If the player wants to play the Championship Mode with another fighter, the player can trade his or her boxer in the "Trade Boxer" mode.

    Playable Characters

    • Boris Knotkimon
    • Butcher Brown
    • Afro Thunder
    • Salua
    • "Raging" Rivera
    • Tank Thrasher
    • Selene Strike
    • Jet "Iron" Chin
    • Rocket Sahehay
    • "Furious" Faz
    • Lulu Valentine
    • "Big" Willy Johnson
    • Jimmy Blood
    • Keno Claw
    • Bruce Blade
    • Nat Daddy
    • Damien Black

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