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    Real Pool

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Nov 06, 2000

    The real pool playing experience in the comfort of your own home. Play competitively against the computer or casually by yourself.

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    Game Modes

     There are many different game modes in Real pool, they include, Carom Games, Pocket Games, a Tournament mode, and Puzzles. 

    Carom Games

     Carom games are like classic billiards and are played on a table with no pockets, only the side bumpers and balls. The types of Carom games are...
     Four Ball: There are two balls on the table at the start of this game, two red, and two cue (one white one yellow.) The player who wins the break goes first and gets the white cue ball and the opponent gets the yellow cue ball. The object of this game is to hit the two red balls with your cue ball. If you successfully do this you gain a point and you get to shoot again. If you don't your opponent gets to shoot. You both play until you reach a predetermined number of points. 
    Three Ball: Same rules as four ball except for there is only one red ball with the two cue balls. Same point scoring as four ball apply for three ball. 
    One Cushion: The object of this game is to get your cue ball to hit a cushion before on between the two other balls. As in four and three ball you keep shooting until you fail to score a point, at which time it would be the opponents turn. Like the others this game is played under a predetermined amount of points. 
    Four Ball Classic: This game uses the same exact rules as four ball, except the scoring is different. You can earn two points for hitting a red ball and a cue ball, three points for hitting both red balls, and five points for hitting all three balls. 
    Free (Four Corners): This game follows the same rules as three ball, except for one difference. There are "restricted areas" in each of the four corners. The object of the game is to score points by hitting the two object balls out of the "restricted areas". One point is earned when you hit the two object balls, but you can not earn another point if one of the balls remains in one of the "restricted areas".  
    Carom Practice: A great mode to pick if you are new to carom games or just want to brush up on your carom playing skills.  

    Pocket Games

     Pocket games are the billiards games we know and love, 8-ball, 9-ball, one pocket, and practice, among others.  
    8-Ball: The billiards we all know and love, fifteen balls on the table, all numbered one to fifteen, with the one cue ball. When the game starts the player who wins the break shoots first. When a player makes a ball, depending on if it is a striped or solid ball, that is the type of ball that the player has to knock in the pockets. Solids are one through seven and stripes nine through fifteen. When the player hits in all of their balls they can attempt to hit in the 8-ball. The player who is attempting to hit in the 8-ball MUST call the pocket they want the ball to go in. The first player to get in the 8-ball wins. You lose if you knock in the 8-ball before you finished off your group.  
    9-Ball: This game is similar to 8-ball in that you have to get the balls in the pockets. The balls that are on table are numbered one through 9. The object of the game is to sink in all the balls in order from one to nine. If you do not hit the lowest number ball on your shot you foul and it is the opponents turn. You win the game when you sink in the 9-ball. 
    Bowliards: This game brings the excitement of bowling to your pool table. The balls are in a rack of ten, and the object of the game is to sink a chosen ball into a selected pocket. Each turn is called a "frame" and each frame consists of two shots. One shot will last until the player fails to sink a ball. One point is awarded for each ball sunk in the frame. A strike is earned when the player sinks all the balls in their first shot of the frame. A spare is rewarded if the player hits all ten balls in the pockets in two shots of the frame. If a player does not hit the object ball in the pocket on the first shot of the frame, they will get a "G", for  gutter ball, on their scorecard. 
    Rotation: In this game you need to hit the lowest numbered ball on the table. You don't have to sink the ball you just have to make sure you hit that ball before you hit any other ball on the table. You accumulate points by sinking the balls. The points you get are equal to the number on the ball, so if you sink the two ball you get two points, likewise if you sink the fifteen ball you get fifteen points. The game is won when you reach a certain amount of predetermined points. 
    14.1 Continuous: The object of this game is to sink the ball that is called at the beginning of your turn. You gain additional points for sinking other balls in the same shot, but you foul if you fail to hit the called ball first. A player will lose a point every time they commit a foul, and if it happens three times in a row they lose fifteen points. 
    Basic: The simplest and most, well, basic version of billiards. The first player to pocket eight balls wins. The balls can be pocketed in any order and in any pocket on the table. This game mode is great for casual players. 
    One Pocket: In this game mode the breaking player picks a pocket at either foot end of the table, their opponent is assigned the opposite pocket. When a ball is sunk in one of those holes, the appropriate player scores a point.  If a player fouls they are deducted one point. The game is played until one player has eight points. 
    5-9: This game is set up like 9-ball, with nine numbered balls on the table. The only balls on the table that can be sunk for points are the five and nine balls, one point for the five ball and two points for the nine ball. You can score double points if the five or nine ball is sunk in the side pocket. If the five or nine ball is sunk while there is a lower numbered ball on the table the five or nine ball is returned to the foot spot. The player with the most points at the end of a predetermined amount of sets wins. 
    Practice: The best way to perfect your billiards game. Fifteen balls are racked up, and you are able to practice shots or work on techniques without having to worry about an opponent.  


     Work your way through this league of extraordinary pool players. You will play a variety of different pocket billiards game ranging from 9-ball to 8-ball and  even rotation. As you advance the players will get tougher, and harder to beat.  


     Over forty different puzzles on twenty five different tables in this challenging game mode. Good luck in trying to figure out these tricky puzzles. The trick is to look at the entire table to determine where to put your ball for your first shot.

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