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    Real Steel

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 12, 2011

    Real Steel is a downloadable boxing game based on the Dreamworks film of the same name.

    Has anyone tried the Demo? Thoughts?

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    #1  Edited By Masha2932

    I just downloaded the real steel demo on PSN and from a few minutes of play I'm still figuring out the game. It's a downloadable 3D boxing game by Yukes(the Smackdown guys) with robots based on the recent Hugh Jackman movie. Given that i'm still learning the game mechanics I don't have any strong opinions on the game. At first glance though, the combat and movement seem slow and clunky.I guess it's fine considering your fighting robots, but I must be used to Fight Night's combat. The graphics are suitable for a downloadable title and I haven't seen the movie so I can't speak to the games resemblance to the source material.
    So have any of you guys downloaded the demo or bought the game? What are your thoughts? 

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    #2  Edited By Commisar123

    I thought it was pretty much the worst fighting game I've played this year and one of the worst games as well

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    #3  Edited By Juicebox

    I hear they charge you 240 msp for custom robot mode

    and then they charge you more or custom parts.

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    #4  Edited By tuque

    My son bought this for himself. He's 7 and he loves it. That said, this is a lame boxing game, and it is shamelessly micro-transaction based. The game itself is 800 points, but in order to paint your robot you have to pay an additional 240 points. If you want to buy a unique robot it's 800 points, but if you want to buy each individual robot part (arm, leg, head) it is 160 points. New fighting techniques are 160 points as well.

    However, if you're 7, this is an awesome game as long as you buy the base game plus the designer. For me, I played an hour of it and I'm done. Forever.

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