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    As Wizeman's most faithful servant, Reala is considered to be the leader of the Nightmaren force. Cruelty, brutality and cleverness are some of the qualities to help him in his rivalry with NiGHTS.

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    Reala is the head apprentice to Wizeman and is a brother of NiGHTS. He's a first-classed Nightmaren whose job is to steal Ideya from all visitors. His main objective is to capture NiGHTS and bring her back to Wizeman. Even though Reala tries to capture NiGHTS all the time, NiGHTS still seems to be very fond of him.

    Reala is a miniboss in both NiGHTS into Dreams and NiGHTS Journey into Dreams. In NiGHTS Journey of Dreams, for its multiplayer, you're able to play as Reala. in online multiplayer, you're always NiGHTS and your online competitor is Reala, but for your online competitor, he's NiGHTS and you're Reala.


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