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Realmz is a fantasy role-playing game developed and published by Fantasoft.

The player controls a group of up to six characters as they explore different scenarios. Characters can be one of 20 different classes ("castes") and one of 19 different races, although some race/class combinations are not permitted.

Gameplay consists of exploring overworld, indoor, and dungeon locations, which are generally rendered using a 2D top-down perspective, although some dungeons also included faux first-person 3D sections. Combat situations also use top-down perspective, but the combat areas are expanded versions of the overworld/dungeon areas. A hallway which appears to be 1 tile-wide during exploration, for example, might be 4 tiles-wide in combat.

The game was shipped with a selection of pre-made characters and scenarios, but players were also encouraged to create their own characters and scenarios.

Realmz ceased development with thirteen official scenarios written and/or sanctioned by the developers. After its initial launch a development tool called Divinity was released, allowing for users to create their own custom scenarios to share with other players.

The thirteen original scenarios, developed between 1994-2002, include:

  • City of Bywater
  • Prelude to Pestilence
  • Castle in the Clouds
  • Assault on Giant Mountain
  • White Dragon
  • Destroy the Necronomicon
  • Grilochs Revenge
  • Twin Sands of Time
  • Trouble in the Sword Lands
  • Half Truth
  • Mithril Vault
  • War in the Sword Lands
  • Wrath of the Mind Lords

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