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    Realtime Worlds Ltd.

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    A medium-sized developer based in Dundee, Scotland. Headed by Dave Jones (of DMA Designs fame)

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    Realtime Worlds Ltd. was a British video game developer based in Dundee, Scotland. The company was formed in 2002 by Dave Jones - the creator of Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings.

    Realtime Worlds filed for administration in 2010, shortly after the release of their second game APB: All Points Bulletin.



    The first release under Realtime Worlds was Crackdown, a third-person action-adventure sandbox title released exclusively for the Xbox 360.

    Sometime before the game's launch, Crackdown was viewed unfavourably by testers - and the game was expected to be a critical and commercial failure. However, Microsoft Game Studios decided to bundle the game with codes to the much anticipated Halo 3 multiplayer beta. This ultimately helped boost sales of the game, and Crackdown would surprise audiences and critics alike.

    APB: All Points Bulletin

    The second major release for Realtime Worlds, ABP: All Points Bulletin, is an open world online multiplayer title initially released exclusively for PC.

    Development on APB began in 2005, and was to be released as a PC and Xbox 360 title.

    After being launched in 2009, ABP: All Points Bulletin gained negative reception. Many critics considered the game to be a disappointment.


    By August 16th, 2010, Realtime Worlds filed for administration. The company been closed since August 17th, 2010 and the original servers for ABP: All Points Bulletin would shut down in November.


    Former Realtime Worlds developers would form Ruffian Games, which would eventually be bought out by Rockstar Games and rebranded as Rockstar Dundee.

    ABP: All Points Bulletin would be bought by Ravenscourt Games and the servers re-opened. The game would also release on Xbox One and PS4 in 2015.


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