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Reapers are the first enemy to be encountered in InFAMOUS, they are also the weakest. In a monologue near the start of the game Cole makes mention that he thinks the Reapers were just junkies and two bit crooks, but due to the Ray Sphere's explosion they were able to take over due to weakened police forces. Like other gangs in inFAMOUS, the Reapers have a leader who goes by the name Sasha. The uniform of the Reapers is hoodie adorned with a skull emblem, usually unique to the type of Reaper.

Reaper Types

The Reapers consists of three different ability sets that can be fit in three categories: Basic, Kamikaze Bombers, And Conduits.

Standard Reapers: Standard Reapers are what you will be facing in the Neon District and can only withstand a small amount of damage. Standard Reapers carry the widest variety of weaponry, such as Grenade Launchers, shields and their most common weapon is the assault rifle. All Standard Reapers wears red hoodies with skull logos on their hoods, their outfit ranges from hooded shirts, jackets, snow jackets and trench coats. Some Reapers bear police vests painted red along with red backpacks often with extra firepower.

Heavy Weaponry Reapers: The Heavy Weaponry Reapers, in the same set as standard reapers, carry heavy weapons such as RPGs and Miniguns. These Reapers are a lot taller and muscular looking than normal Reapers. They wear thick padded red snow jackets with a unique Skull logo designs and unique stripes. The Heavy Reapers are alot stronder than there standard counter part and can take almost twice the damage. However, they move much slower than the Standard Reapers, most likely due to the weaponry they carry.   
Reaper Kamikaze Bomber: Also known as Mad Bombers They are Reapers carrying Flare like bombs and charge at Cole hoping to be able to detonate themselves, create a large explosion and inflict a large amount of damage to Cole. Reaper kamikaze bombers wears thick padded gray hoodies with a unique skull logo design painted on their hoods, and their hoodies are most likely packed with explosives. The Kamikaze Bombers are also used as couriers by the Reapers as seen in side missions. They are also able to explode near other enemies, doing this will grant you the Premature Detonation stunt. The bombers are first encountered in the mission Blood Trail.   

Reaper Conduits: Also known as Shockwave Conduits. The Reaper conduits wears long, white hoodies and are much taller than ordinary humans. They have many abilities of which include teleportation and creating a shockwave of energy that shoots across the ground and deals servier damage to Cole, this attack cannot be blocked by Cole's Shield. They can also shape shift themselves into regular humans to allow them to ambush Cole. They also seem capable of speech durning the disguised period,. It appears that the they cannot shape shift at will durning combat. They carry assault rifles which they use between their energy attacks. Due to their speed and wide area energy attacks, they are difficult to get close to for melee attacks. These Conduits resemble Kessler, both in their looks and their powers.    

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