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Reaver specializes in ranged weapons, most notably the Dragonstomper .48. He will flirt with anyone, betray for a good amount of gold, and kill if something doesn't go his way.

Reaver is the Hero of Skill and the Mayor of Bloodstone. He is egotistical and cunning, tricking others to do his bidding.  

Fable II

During Fable II, Reaver is revealed to be over two hundred years old. He sold the population of Oakvale to the Shadow Court, in return for etenal youth. He must make a sacrifice every few years to maintain this deal. 

Fable III

Reaver appears again in Fable III, having become a business magnate and owner Reaver Industries. Placed in charge of development by the tyrannical King Logan, his ruthless and bloodthirsty streak terns him into a frighteningly successful industrial leader, promoting child labour and brutal work regimes, backed by strength of arms (specifically, his Dragonstomper .48s).  
Typically pragmatic and free of any sense of loyalty, as soon as the Hero overthrows Logan and succeeds to the throne, he wastes no time in presenting the Hero with a number of business deals to make money for the crown. Unsurprisingly, his proposals usually come at the cost of the continued exploitation of Albion's workforce.
He is voiced by Stephen Fry.

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