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As a weapon

Rebars tend to be used as weapons in games. In the Condemned series Rebars were availible as one of the many kinds of makeshift weapons which could be taken from the evironment, and could be found in different forms which usually varied from each other by offering different attack properties. Among these variations are....


A standard steel Rebar.  Usually quite common in indoor areas and a decent all-round weapon offering a good trade-off of  speed, power and durability.

Rebar, Bent

A significantly damaged steel Rebar. More common than it's pefectly-formed sibling, the bent Rebar is a reletively passable weapon that is faster, but also significantly less damaging and durable.

Rebar, Concrete

A steel Rebar with a large chunk of concrete still attached to one end. The least common Rebar variety and also by far the slowest, it makes up for this by being FAR more powerful and durable than the other Rebar varieties. It is in fact so powerful, that it is considered by many as one of the most effective melee weapons in either game.

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