Rebecca Chang

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    A reporter for the Channel 6 Action News and one of the survivors in Dead Rising 2.

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    Overview Dead Rising 2

    Rebecca Chang is an ambitious, beautiful news reporter in Fortune City to cover the controversy surrounding the "Terror Is Reality" television show. But after the outbreak, Rebecca sees it as her big chance to break the story of the century - what's behind the Fortune City outbreak?

    Determined to get the scoop in any way, she often gets herself into danger. However, she does know how to defend herself and from time to time, helps out. She always wears the same shirt with 3 buttons undone, showing cleavage.

    Her journalism ends up getting the best of her, as she is killed at the end of Dead Rising 2. She is killed by Sully who is responsible for the outbreak. Not wanting the truth to get out, he takes out his gun and executes her with a bullet to the head.

    Overview Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

    Rebecca Chang keeps much of her feisty personality from Dead Rising 2, but with a larger role in Off the Record. In Off the Record, she follows the same storyline, and seems to be a potential love interest for Frank West rather than Chuck Greene. The big change is when Stacey is revealed to be the secret Phenotrans agent. Stacey shoots Rebecca, but in a less critical area. In the end, Frank is seen carrying an injured but seemingly stable Rebecca away.


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