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    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 13, 2019

    Don the flight suit of your roguish aunt in this prequel to Rebel Galaxy.

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    Set 35 years earlier in the Rebel Galaxy universe, Outlaw stars Juno Markev, the aunt of the original game's faceless protagonist. Unlike the previous title which was focused around capital-size ships flown in 3rd person perspective in a randomized, procedurally generated world, Outlaw is focused on a first-person cockpit experience with smaller combat and trade craft in a sci-fi space combat and trading sandbox heavily inspired by Wing Commander: Privateer.


    Much like the game's inspiration, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw lets players build wealth and power in a sandbox universe where the player can choose to be a mercenary for hire, a bounty hunter, or a trader and can customize or upgrade their ship to suit a preferred play style.

    The flight mechanics can be controlled by mouse and keyboard or controller, but it will also support joystick and HOTAS control configurations for more advanced piloting.

    Special Features

    The PC version of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw includes a bespoke 3D ship skin editor structured similarly to Photoshop's image editing tools (ie. brushes, stencils, layers etc). This tool has the option to output the ship's wireframe model for experienced game artists to work externally in their preferred software and it will even allow players to purchase a 3D-printed model of their own designs.


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