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Game objectives

The player is asked to terraform (called within the game "Climaform") planets in a solar system to meet particular specifications. Some planets need warming up, while others need cooling down. This is achieved by flying between the worlds with a crew of Rebots, solving puzzles to work out how to make each world warmer or colder.

Each world is home to local fauna and flora, which can be used to help change the climate or might also get in the way of the player.

The core game-play loop sees the player sets up paths and loops for their worker Rebots between supervisor Rebots and the flora & fauna resources.

Rebot types

There are two types of Rebots - Supervisors that do all the middle-management work, and Workers that literally do all the heavy lifting.


  • The Mechanic - Creates all other types of rebots, but consumes energy each time
  • The MoveTo - Instructs workers to move from one place to another.
  • The PickUp - Instructs workers to pick things up
  • The PutDown - Instructs workers to put things down (useful for clearing an area)
  • The Vaporizer - Turns plant resources into smoke.


Workers do all the heavy lifting work needed to climaform, and are directed from one supervisor rebot to another.


  • The Mintnut Bush
    Grows Mintnuts, which are used to make a world colder when vaporized
  • The MerryBerry Tree
    Grows MerryBerry, which are used to make a world warmer. They are the favourite food of Woolyphants
  • The Soapear Cactus
    This cactus drops "soapears", which makes everything super clean if collected by worker rebots
  • Mushrooms
    These are poisonous, and best not vaporized
  • Woolipoop
    Created by Woolyphants who have eaten MerryBerries

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