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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jun 18, 2012

    Created as part of a 7-Day FPS challenge, Receiver is a roguelike shooter with a unique take on gun mechanics in a sparse, minimalist setting.

    sin4profit's Receiver (Steam) (PC) review

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    Fascinating and flawed

    The Game

    Receiver is a game that mixes rogue-like random elements within a FPS, and adds simulation-like complexities to add suspense. The main goal of the game is to collect cassette tapes. Not just any cassette tapes, but tapes that promise to lead to some ethereal enlightenment...So self help tapes.

    Everything is glazed in a cyber-noir aesthetic that is minimalist but effective.

    The gameplay consists of exploring a randomly generated set of maps, with your randomly selected pistol, for the purpose of finding tapes and adding ammunition to your limited supply. In exploring this world you run into two enemy types, turrets that swivel in place looking for targets to shoot on sight and flying drones that chase their target down to electrocute them at close range.

    The main appeal in receiver is that you will only progress as your skill with situational awareness improves. You must develop a SWAT like focus before every doorway you enter and every corner you approach.

    The Mechanics

    The thing that sets Receiver apart from most shooters is the complex nature of the gun mechanics. You don't pick up ammo clips adding to a universal supply of bullets, you pick up individual bullets that must be individually loaded.

    On one hand you have semi-auto handguns. These carry large clips but lead to a lot of preparation before going into a fight; extract you magazine, holster your weapon, load bullets individually into the mag, take gun in hand, insert magazine, chamber a round (if empty). The 17 round glock features a selectable full auto fire mode but due to the scarcity of ammo finding yourself accidentally using this mode is a nuisance more than it is beneficial.

    On the other hand you have the revolvers. Though they only carry 6 rounds the simpler preparation of open, extract, load, close may be preferable by some.

    The enemies are made of individual components for you to target. You're capable of disabling a target without fully destroying it, which creates a sense of tension between whether you spend more of your valuable ammo on it or risk "testing" it to see if it can still attack.

    The Flaws

    As much as i enjoy the game, there are some gleaming flaws in the current release (RC7).

    One common issue people are having is with frame dropping when going between the randomly generated maps. This problem can lead to you approaching a door, feeling for frame lock up, and then find yourself unintentionally exposed to the enemy on the other side of that door.

    It's entirely possible to see the enemy in the distance (not animating) but not be able to shoot them. When you get close enough to see them animate is the only time they're vulnerable to fire. I once shot an animating drone away from me into it's "locked" state.

    Some maps have collision flaws (usually at the top of steps) where you have to jump the top step. This is made even more annoying by a rebounding effect when jumping into geometry.

    Tapping your "move forward" key to run is a dumb idea...not necessarily the idea of tapping a button rhythmically to vary your speed, but to tie it to your movement key leads to accidentally falling to your death as you try to peak over a ledge.

    I find the inventory system fairly cumbersome. If you have an item in your hand you can't select another item unless you put the first item away...why not just replace the item you have with the new item you're selecting rather than tap towards the vague indication of what item slot is actually open. This is mainly only a problem when dealing with multiple magazines and is usually only suffered at the start of the game when swapping around ammo to have a fully loaded mag.

    Default key bind; as a tip i'd suggest you swap the default key bindings between E and Z as they seem to contradict what's happening on screen. When you swap these two keys your virtual and real life actions correlate better:

    • Z - lower key, down, eject/drop
    • E - higher key, up, insert

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