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    Record of Lodoss War

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 14, 2001

    Record of the Lodoss War is an action dungeon crawler RPG, in a similar vein to Diablo. It is very loosely attached to the Japanese fantasy novels and anime series of the same name.

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    The player directly controls the hero, viewed from an isometric style perspective. Monsters are attacked using a single button to swing a sword, or by casting magic spells. When HP is depleted it can be instantly replenished with potion bottles, which require refilling. Although the hero gains experience and levels up, this only increases his HP. The primary way of increasing his other stats is by way of an unusual system of refining, forging and applying 'Ancient Words' to weapons and armor. This system requires 'Mithril', which is a scarce material dropped by monsters. Different 'Ancient Words' are made available by discovering stone tablets around the world. The hero operates from a Goblin fortress where he can save, refill potion bottles, use the forge and talk to the Wizard. The player can teleport recall to the fortress and back from most locations.


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