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    Record Run

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released May 08, 2014

    Dodge obstacles to the beat of your own music in this two-lane runner from Harmonix.

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    Record Run is a runner-style game that generates levels based on music provided by the game, and the songs stored on the player's own device. The game's character has had their records knocked out of their hands and strewn along the sidewalk, and the player must try to collect as many records as they can.


    Players create and customize their character, swap lanes, jump, wall run, pole swing and slide by swiping their finger on the touch-screen (ex: swipe up to jump, down to slide) to dodge obstacles, collect records and acquire power-ups. Players earn points from dodging obstacles (more points are awarded if they dodge them at the correct time) and collecting records.

    Then at the end of song, the game takes your score, how many obstacles you dodged, and how well you timed those dodges, and grades you on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

    Record Run has the following gameplay elements:

    Groove World

    When the player successfully dodges an obstacle a meter fills up. When the meter fills, the objects in the world will start dancing in time with the music. Filling it up a second time will enter the player into the Groove World which transforms the player in to an alternate version of themselves and all points earned and records collected are worth double as well as increasing a score multiplier. Taking a hit will reset the meter, multiplier and take you out of Groove World.


    There are 4 boosts (2 active and 2 passive) available. The 2 active boosts can be toggled on before the song starts and costs records to equip. A similar concept can be found another Harmonix game Rock Band Blitz in which power ups are selected pre-song and have a cost associated with them. They can also be upgraded by spending records.

    Active Boosts:

    Sprint Solo (500 records):Makes arrows appear on obstacles and awards the player with a bonus if the player dodges the obstacles as indicated and does not miss any.

    Level 1 - 4 Arrows

    Level 2 - 8 Arrows

    Level 3 - 12 Arrows

    Level 4 - 16 Arrows

    Record Magnet (50 records): Collects any records near the player regardless of actually touching them. The duration is based on what level it is:

    Level 1 - 10 Seconds

    Level 2 - 20 Seconds

    Level 3 - 30 Seconds

    Level 4 - 40 Seconds

    Passive Boosts

    Health: The number of hits the player can take before failing a song.

    Level 1 - 2 Hearts max

    Level 2 - 3 Hearts max

    Level 3 - 4 Hearts max

    Level 4 - 5 Hearts max

    Groove: The alternate world where records and points are worth double.

    Level 1 - 15 Seconds

    Level 2 - 20 Seconds

    Level 3 - 25 Seconds

    Level 4 - 30 Seconds


    The game has what they call Missions and are a set of three tasks they player can do while playing the game,that upon completing earn the player Backstage Passes (a form of in-game currency). Examples of a task may be 'Collect 5000 records' or 'Slide under 100 obstacles'.


    Record Run has two forms of currency:

    Records - Players earn these by playing the game, purchasing them with real money(in packs) or the use of a 'coin doubler.'

    They can be used to upgrade the boosts to make them last longer, skip a task in a Mission or unlock extra costumes.

    Backstage Passes - Players earn these from completing Mission sets,earning 4 and 5 stars in a song (once per song), earning 5 Stars on a song (repeatable) and purchasing them with real money.

    They are used to unlock new characters and custom song slots.


    The game has 4 playable characters all dressed to a certain genre(s) or time period of music. They have unique animations but there is no gameplay difference between them. All but the Punk Rocker must be unlocked with Backstage passes.

    - Ronnie Joggins (Default)

    - Tina Tommy

    - Edie M

    - Issan

    Additional Characters have been included with updates:

    - Hip Hop Girl


    There are four songs are included with the game:

    The Included songs are

    Slow it DownSpirit Kid
    Make a Run For ItIzzy Maxwell
    Don't Let me Down (Slowly)The Main Drag
    My Mocking BirdCount Zero

    Additional song slots for custom tracks must be unlocked with Backstage passes (10 per slot).


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