Bread Bread Breademption 2

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I couldn't resist, and It appears nobody else has done this yet.. I've shamelessly stolen from the original BBB1 picture, posted by @azteck, some eight years ago - thanks! (

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Overrated garbage. Takes too long to rise and when it does it's stiff and unforgiving... plus I just don't like it... WAH... Terrible game!

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The movement speed of the bread is too slow, too realistic, too stodgy, this is a bad game. In fact, one could say the whole premise to this game is stale.

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@darkeyehails: It kneaded to be said. A crumby game baguettes crumby comments. If you're gonna come at me ciabatta be leaven I'll send it back the focaccia.

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Rockstar buttered me up before release, but the online portion of the game essentially requires you to buy the microtransactions or you're gonna be toast in PVP.

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@someoneproud: Pun game... Too strong... Sense of humour... too rye to oppose.

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I just wanted more bread, but they made me a fully functional 1/4 scale wild west diorama made entirely of bread and bread-like products. It was a sight to behold for sure, but I just wanted more bread, know what I mean? I feel bad for all those bakers who put so much time and effort in making that breadstrosity because it wasn't what I wanted.

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It was half baked, I tried to roll with it but frustration crepe'd up on me and it didn't pain au tin the end, barley scratched the surface. Donut know why they worked their crouton new limits ramekin this sub par product, I really oat to have naan better than to get hyped.

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#10 Posted by BeachThunder (15157 posts) -

Oh, I remember that thread. Good times, good times...


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