The Shoemakers - Red Dead Online duder posse (PS4)

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Hey there mister(s)!

Looking through the RDR 2 trophy list it seems like there will be a guild type feature in the Online version, something called a Persistent Posse. I have played Helldivers, Destiny 1 and The Division with a lot of different duders and that was a lot of fun, so I figured I'd create this post to see if anyone is interested in playing Red Dead Online with their fellow duders, and forming a Giant Bomb posse. I'm on PS4 so for my part I'm only interested in a PS4 posse, if there's a lot of yous playing on XB1 you might want to create your own thread. My PSN ID is BorklundSE if you want to add me in anticipation for the release of Online.

There's not a whole lot of information about Online out there, other than that it will be available in beta form some time in November. If we can name our posse we obviously need a clever one, so suggestions are more than welcome.

See you sometime later this month!

Edit: There is now a PS4 community called The Shoemakers. Join it if you're interested in playing Red Dead Online with your fellow duders over the coming days, weeks, months or maybe even years.

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Large Stick of Dynamite Fellers?

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Giant Cowboys

That’s Million Buckaroos

Wild West Don’t Care

I’m no good with names, but I might be interested in RDR Online, kinda depending on how the world works. If there’s a non-PvP option to play in a world where I can do most of the same stuff as in single-player, I could dip in.

Will take another peek in here when there’s more info out.

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Will Smith's wile wile wess.

No Caption Provided

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Horrible with names but I'm interested. I can't even remember if I played the first RDR online. Sent you an add (my PSN ID is UndeadPlum, feel free to add me anyone)

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Posse Magnates, that's all I've got.

I'm game for all manner of PvE with the community, assuming it has plenty of that stuff. Waiting for some more news on Online but I'm excited to try it.

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Man I can't wait for rockstar to release more info on the online mode

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Long Salami Boys

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Fistfull of Duders(gross)

Whiskey O'Media.

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@merxworx01: I'm down with LawmanLawmanLawman and Bombaderos.

I would also go for the Davis or Gertsmann Boys or Crew

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I suck at names but I'm down to bust some broncos and wrangle some horse thieves online. PSN: TheNewBlack

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The Shoemakers is pretttttyyyy guuud

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Should be Ye Olde Bomb

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@arcadefire: These are all fantastic candidates. I think this is our short list.

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The Underdrakers

Taswell's Agents

Brad's Sleepy Boys

Ryckert's Russlers

Los Vegetos (Only works if our emblem is just Vegeta with a mustache wearing a sombrero)

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Roy's Boys

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I like a lot of these. Depending on wether or not we can be a lawman posse or a criminal gang, the shortlist might look different, but right now I think it's basically down to one of these:

The Shoemakers


Roy's Boys/Fellers

Hopefully we get some online news soon.

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Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnik said in the latest quarterly report conference call that Online will launch toward the end of the month, and that Rockstar will have more to say then (duh).

Get hype

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Police State

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I'm ready to ride out!

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Nice, online rolls out this week. Looking forward to diving in.

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I'm down with the shoemakers.

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@borklund: I'm having a job finding the crew on the social club :/ any advice?

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@mikey2d said:

@borklund: I'm having a job finding the crew on the social club :/ any advice?

I could not locate it as well. I'm still part of the Giant Bomb crew form GTA V days.. and couldn't find that crew either so maybe their servers are stressed out or something. None of the posts on Social Club were loading for me the other day.

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It’s a PS4 community and not a RDR posse. Just sent a request to join.

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To be honest I had completely forgotten about Social Club crews. I think I was allowed into Online yesterday, but I wasn't home all day and so didn't play; I will set up a Social Club crew tonight (EU time) so we can coordinate better in-game, assuming it works similar to Max Payne 3's multiplayer in that regard. As far as I remember, Social Club is clunky, and so I think there's still some utility in having both a PS4 Community and the Social Club crew going at the same time.

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Man, this is all very confusing. There does not appear to be a way to play with your PSN friends outside of a posse. You can pay $200 to set up a permanent posse, but I am unsure of what if any functionality that offers because I've only just completed the tutorial. There also appears to be a filter in free roam for social matching with friends and social club crew members, but not exclusively your posse? Anybody got any ideas?

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@borklund: Apparently persistent posses allow 7 members at a time rather than 4, they stay after the posse leader leaves (presumably are dissolved when empty) and return as soon as the leader comes online without the need to set them up again. Not sure whether this allows for other a larger pool of members who could play together independent of the posse leader's presence or whether it's purely a session by session thing.

Useful information is frustratingly scarce on the subject and I don't have the money to test it as of yet. For now I believe the best we could do is use join or invite to get in the same sessions (if they aren't full already, a big if atm). The functionality seems woeful at the minute but hopefully post-beta they'll add more session settings so that a lot of us could populate the same sessions.

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Sent a request! Mc740ilgamer

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I dun sent a request as well, pard

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@borklund: Ill be sure to send a reqest tomorrow night! Ark1612

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Sent a request. PSN: Orlandodoom

Beside that, if anyone would like to posse up, send me a friend request. I'm typically on anywhere from 8pm to 1am EST.

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Is there an xbox posse? Username North6 if so!

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